Every one of us has that something in our arsenal, which makes us feel dauntless. It could be the perfect game going on with the winged liner, the shining manicured nails or that bold red lip. For some it is a good night’s sleep to tackle the problems of the day ahead while for others it is the music of stilettos on the floor giving continuous boost of energy(and just little pain). That one thing makes you ready to take on the world.

Love the beachy look... :)
Love the beachy look… 🙂

For me that crowning glory would be the perfect hair. It doesn’t matter if I am traveling or at home, working or lounging around, movie night or party out; if there is anything that has to be perfect all the time it’s those bouncing fellas on my head.

Since always I have been experimenting with different hairstyles & products, yet I enjoy the luxury of healthy, bouncy hair without much effort. If there is something that made its way permanently in my life through crazy hair trials it’s the highlights. The first time, I got a streak of “Burgundy Red” done on my birthday and there was no looking back.

The first time smile!! (Sorry for the harsh sunlight)
The first time smile!!
(Sorry for the harsh sunlight)

If after all these crazy tryouts and experiments I can manage to keep my hair healthy and vibrant then hell I can do anything.

What’s your invincible story??

xoxo SoulStrokes!!

Soul Strokes

Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)


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