Chase your wishes, it’s never too late..

Life is too short to leave your wishes and dreams on the mercy of time. Your desires are far too important to be left for anything or anyone. Time or circumstances can never be perfect, it’s your will and interest in what you want that has to be perfect. If you want to learn photography or start painting or build a business of your own or start a youtube channel, there wasn’t a time and there won’t be a time as perfect as today to get started.

Don’t wait for perfection in your work(I am not saying it’s a myth but it’s definitely overrated).

I had this silly wish of getting one good, decent photoshoot. No dreamy, sassy dress; no fancy shoot place but just some good pictures that could make me smile whenever I think back of the experience. Years passed but I never got the courage to stand in front of the camera. Now I am not a camera shy person, I love getting my pictures clicked (everybody should :P) but those were crazy random shots from my travel days or random parties. But a one on one with camera & a photographer held me back for quite a long time. And then one fine day out of the blue my friend convinced me to give it a try. We did this shoot, “my first shoot” at my home with the 6 yards I had in my closet but never wore. I wasn’t expecting much out of it but the pictures turned out beautifully and the fun and drama we had working on the nitty gritty details through this crazy afternoon was superb. I will cherish those memories for life, after all it was my much desired “ shoot”. (And I managed not to fall in that saree and heels ;))







































Start building your resources or gathering relevant information, start contacting relevant people or companies, start taking those little steps towards your dream with the wings of passion behind your back and soon you will be holding it in your hands. Sometimes people wait for the approval of their loved ones, to give them a little push to work towards their wishes. Guys, if you have an intuitive nudge to work towards something no matter how big or small it is you don’t have to wait for someone’s consent or approval. Start working towards what your heart wishes and you never know what the road may lead to.

You are very lucky if you have dreams & desires!!



















Keep Dreaming…

xoxo Soul Strokes!!

(Photography credits :

Soul Strokes

Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

2 thoughts on “Chase your wishes, it’s never too late..

  1. Hey, thanks a lot!!
    As for your point, my idea is to never stop trying.
    Keep trying to convince the people whose consent you need or find other path to reach your destination.
    The crux is just to never give up. 😉 🙂


  2. well said but its not always possible to follow your dream n passion considering we are social animal ….
    n Its not always possible to do thing without others consent that too becoz we are social animal 🙂
    BUT again well said I totally stand to it 🙂


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