Sunrise blues!!

It is such fun when you decide what you want to wear for a shoot. Picking everything from clothes to accessories is an adventure in itself. I saw the pictures of this beautiful location and the first color that came up to my mind for this shoot was blue(that’s another thing that blue is my favorite color 😀 ).

I decided to go minimal on makeup and pair the all blue getup with nude chic flats from StreetStyleStore. The cityscape, rocky background, everything looked just so magnificent in the golden sunrise. We wrapped up the shoot in about two hours and I was just amazed by the pretty pictures all credited to RkClikz. The perfection and blend of everything in his shots is just amazing!!

Top : Forever21
Shorts : Forever21
Shoes : StreetStyleStore




Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

One thought on “Sunrise blues!!

  1. Hey!Your camping trip looks absolutely wonderful! Last time we went camping we were fined by a forest ranger for picking wildflowers for a table arrangement for my frn1&di#82e7;s birthday! Ha Ha! I mean, I get it, protect nature and all, but really?Thanks for these freebies, i am downloading now!Kim

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