Nailing the Nail Art!!

Diverse styles & arts come out every season be it fashion, accessories or beauty & our nails are no exception to that. There are style gurus finding ever new ways to keep our fingertips from looking boring. Every year the trends change and we all find something new and cool that suits our own taste and style. This year also the Nail Experts had some innovative ideas that will soon run down from the Runway Shows to the local Streets. Here are 5 of my favorite easy and spicy ways to get a catchy hand and stunning nails.


Give instant classy and trendy look to your nails with some ombre work. You may try doing that on each nail or through a pattern of different shades on all fingers. It looks fabulous both ways. Make your nails pop and shine with varied hues.





If you don’t like the fuss around nails, this sure is your year. All you need to do is keep them short, simple & natural. Ditch the long nails, bright popping colors, shines and glitters and still rock, as this year is all about nice and nude.





Don’t like your nails grabbing all the attention with that glitter & shine or need something subtle that could work in office as well as look fabulous outside then this is your thing. (Quick Tip : Reuse all your old normal nail paints as matte, just add Matte Top Coat and enjoy your old polish in the new Avatar.)





Dual Tips:

French Manicure is back and with a bang this time. It has made a comeback better than ever, in bright colors and modern shapes looking even more elegant. And one such famous form that will be seen a lot this year is the Dual tip.




Brushed Up:

Artsy brush strokes are one of my favorites, bringing in the richness of creativity to your nails. It is easy to do even on your own and you just cannot mess it up. Try different version and colors and be your own stylist.





Play around with these trends, mix & match to create what suits best to your own style. Go crazy & pick your poison ladies!!!


Soul Strokes…



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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