Feb Photo Challenge (mid-month updates)

Hey All

I initially decided that I would do a post at the end of the month, with updates of complete challenge; but throwing 29 pictures in a post did seem like a dump of information. So I decided to do a mid month check, to keep things under control and also to give myself the much needed motivation for the rest of the month.
So, lets dive into 15 days of Feb Photo a Day Challenge :

Day 1 : Passion :
Photography is my passion. I love being clicked and also taking pictures of anything and everything I find beautiful around.

Feb 1  Passion

Day 2 : ____ completes my day
All I need to complete my day is a hot cup of tea and some alone time, with myself and things I love.

Feb 2 Tea completes my day

Day 3 : My DIY Story
I love DIY and have tried it everywhere I possibly can. The latest attempt was at turning my beautiful old pair of denims into ripped jeans ( will share the whole DIY steps soon).


Day 4 : One book everyone should read
I first read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne around 5 years back and since then I read it once every year(gives me some sort of satisfaction I guess).

Feb 4

Day 5 : Keeping fit
From pilates to dieting, everyone has their own mantra of keeping fit. But I have always gone back to classic “Yoga” whenever I needed that little extra cut.

Feb 5

Day 6 : After dark
Party party party!!!


Day 7 : ___ always makes me smile
This cute pic(actually any pic) of my lovely kitten.. Muaaah… Miss you!


Day 8 : #MCM (Men Crush Mondays)
My 2 favorites in a single shot!!


Day 9 : Latest buy
Added some plants and shelves in my home decor!!


Day 10 : Crazy obsession
Blogging Blogging!!


Day 11 : View from my window
Clicked by my friend, as my photography wasn’t enough to do justice to the view.


Day 12 : Brand I can’t live without
Love the products..


Day 13 : Childhood Memory
I think anyone who has siblings can relate to this.. 😛


Day 14 : Celebration
Power packed dance performances, sizzling fashion shows and live concert of Vishal Shekhar,  couldn’t be any better than this!!


Day 15 : Grooming goals
Perfect hair, beautiful outfits and marvelous company. Always..



Leaving on the note of beautiful people and hoping to meet many more wonderful souls in life. I hope I continue my challenge with even more love and fun for rest of the month.
See you soon guys.





Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

13 thoughts on “Feb Photo Challenge (mid-month updates)

  1. This was a really difficult challenge for me, esp the last 10 days..
    But if I could pull through I am sure so can you. All the best!!


  2. 2010-08-30, Jesper säger: Väldigt trevligt avsnitt.. ligger lite efter i sommarlovs prmB#aomen&r8230;glir klart sugen pÃ¥ att göra sina egna quiz…


  3. Sven SjöstedtTrodde att det var ganska glasklart att vi inte kommer maskera oss med rÃ¥narluvor eller dylikt i for¤tÃtstningen. Efter all skit vi fÃ¥tt p.g.a. detta sÃ¥ hade det varit självmord för gruppen om vi hade upprepat det….Anonym 14:48Inte för att kasta smuts pÃ¥ andra blÃ¥vita grupperingar men det är lite konstigt att det bara är BwB som fÃ¥r skit för bränningen mot TFF när trots allt det inte bara var vi som brände.


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