The “Seeker” in YOU

“What you seek is seeking You!!”

Everyone of us is always on the lookout for something. Some search happiness, some seek health; wisdom or fame; love or acceptance; or just the search to figure out what we really really want. What is that one thing, that if given to us will pacify our search for more? Some say meditation leads you to that path, while others even quote “Moksha” as the answer.



But what if you really want to be on the search forever. What if you love the process and the satisfaction at the end. Seeking is what you are meant for…  Learning more and more and more since childhood is what we all do and if there is one thing that never dies; it’s the seeker in you.




Keep looking, keep searching, keep finding the answer
and once you get it all;
start looking for new questions!!

( Dress : Liberent )
( Photography : Game Of Clicks )
( Flash Tattoo : Vero Moda )

Soul Strokes..


Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

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