Feb Photo Challenge (I did it!)

Finally, I finished my Feb Photo Challenge. For those of you who don’t know about it, I started a Photo Challenge on 1st Feb where I had to upload one pic everyday on my Instagram account around the theme picked for the day. The aim was simple, to have 29 memories to cherish by the end of Feb and also hope that the persistent work becomes a habit over a period of 29 days and I am able to consistently follow it for the year ahead (as I am lazy bum at diligently following my plans and ideas)!!

The first half of the month was a little difficult, I had to take out time especially for this. But when I posted the mid-month update blog, I realized that I can go through with this all the way. And by 20th it just came automatically to me, and kind of became part of my daily chores.

I am so happy to finally share the updates of second half .. 🙂

Day 16 : Can’t Step out of home without__
My all time essentials : Phone, Shades, Glasses, Watch, Perfume Oil (FabIndia : cypress) & Loreal (Maple Mocha Lipstick)

Feb 16

Day 17 : #wcw (Women Crush Wednesdays)
Big time fan of Claire Marshall

Feb 17

Day 18 : Sweet Memory
My beautiful trip to Kutch

Feb 18

Day 19 : Shoutout
The Label Life, my new favorite..


Day 20 : Stranger
Had a superb time clicking him and more..


Day 21 : Friendship


Day 22 : My Happy Place
This lovely corner of my room where I can sit for hours..


Day 23 : Inside my junk drawer
I promise myself to clean it up over and over again but, now I think I won’t be able to locate my things if they aren’t lying around like this..

Feb 23

Day 24 : Dream work space
Love white decor with flush of colors here and there..


Day 25 : Always in my bag
Oriflame Amber Elixir Night Perfume

925124_1005238832897412_1478986880_n (1)

Day 26 : Travel Goal
Travel to Bhutan 🙂 🙂


Day 27 : Selfie


Day 28 : Favorite Outfit
Classic Jeans & Top rocks everyday..


Day 29 : Black and white


See you soon!!

Soul Strokes…


Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

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