A Holiday in Hampi

Hampi is like one of those destinations that you can run away to, for a break from your busy lives and rejuvenate. Enjoy the wonders of historical architecture and the beauty & serenity of nature. The place fills you with loads of happy and positive energy.

I have been to Hampi twice from Hyderabad, and took the route below (est time 6-7 hours).

Hampi Map

Hyderabad– ->Shadnagar–>Jadchelra—-> Mahbubnagar—>Raichur—->Sindhanur—->Gangavati—->Kampli—->Kamalapur —->Hampi

To know in detail about Hampi or get idea of the things to do you can check my blog on Mythical India(Hampi- Hibernate in the Glory of Heritage).

handmade local storesBeautifully decorated stores to take care of the shopping crazy!!

friendly locals

kids in front of Virupaksha Temple
Locals are very friendly here. We met these wonderful kids outside Virupaksha Temple.

I want to share a few tips from my travel experience here, that might come handy while planning your trip:

Tip 1: If you are travelling by your own vehicle, avoid traveling at night as you might loose connectivity at places on phone and get sidetracked. Also the petrol pumps aren’t very frequent once you get down from NH7 and don’t even open at night. Better yet start early morning around 4 from Hyderabad so that you reach before the sun is high up on your heads. Also take food & drinks for the ride along with you.

On the way to Hampi.

Tip 2: I classify the place broadly into two parts : The city itself including all its architecture ruins, temples, local life and the zone beyond the river (which I like to call the Hippie Zone :D) which is more laid back & relaxed. Make sure to keep time in your plan for both.


Tip 3: As the place is super hot and humid most of the time, I would recommend you take the tour of the city early mornings or evenings and spend the hot sunny afternoon in the shades somewhere across the river. There are coracle rides & ferry running to and fro throughout the day.

A must do is take the blessing of “Laxmi” of Virupaksha Temple.
A moment you will cherish forever!!
Meet the beautiful and regal “Laxmi”

Tip 4: There are plenty of decent cottages alongside the river on both sides for stay if you want to spend the night, but just book in advance to make sure you get the place of your choice; as Hampi is flooded with local tourist as well as foreigners all the year round and trust me you don’t want to stay in a random hotel while being at a place so close to nature. (If you can get a booking, try Shanti Guest House).

Feb 1  Passion
Happy after a delicious meal at Mango Tree.

Tip 5: Always always keep water with you and make sure that you are hydrated at all times. The last thing you want is a dizzy head in that sun. Also shades, sunscreen, cap/hat, comfortable clothing and shoes are good to have. And no need to say a camera will be your best friend here ;).

On the way to Anjaneya Hill Top.
I dont know how, but I made it to the top!!
View from Anjaneya Hill Top
Bird’s eye view of Hampi from Anjaneya Hill Top.

Tip 6: Have fun, do what you like from plethora of things to be done at Hampi and get your happy creative juices flowing.



Keep Rocking & Travel Often!!

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