OMBRE : The latest FAD in Fashion!!

One of this year’s biggest fads is around the word “Ombre” and it isn’t just in conjunction with hair or nails anymore. You would have certainly seen it while keeping up with the trends and I also wrote about it in my article on Nailing The Nail Art which has Ombre as one of the trends to look forward to this year. The word “Ombre” is French and basically means shading or graduation. It refers to the graduation of color from darker to lighter.



The trend is now set to conquer the makeup world as well. Creating Ombre lips/eyes is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your look. You have the freedom to wear any color you want and in any finish you want but just make sure to maintain the gradient effect. Also unlike the ombre hair, this one is fairly less permanent and needs no judgment call to be made (and just in case you mess up there are always makeup removers handy ;)). You can check out the Complete Ombre Hair Guide that gives several facts and ideas if you are planning to go Ombre.


My personal favorite hair Ombre shades are the ones that work with Purple, Blue or Red.


The reason why people are all gaga over this trend is because ombré makeup creates multi-dimensional look around two different colors. Whether  it’s on your lips, eyes or cheeks, layered makeup kicks up your look up a notch. Ombré makeup is definitely a bold move, so it’s a great option for an event where you want to stand out; but at the same time you need to be really safe while playing with it and do it right.



pink ombre

You can check out this beautiful video by Teni Panosian for a video tutorial on Ombre Liner (click on the image to go to Video). Also you can move onto Pinterest for details.


Using this technique you can have stunning Ombre eyes/lips in all of your favorite shades. And with so many bright and fun colors for the spring/summer we are all spoilt for choices 😀 :D. Having a different Ombre look for every day is effortless once you master the blending trick. Have fun trying out this look for yourself.

See you soon!!

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