Creative Living…

Want to quit your 9 to 5 job to follow your dreams and passion? But you dropped the whole idea again just cause you like the warmth of a big, fat paycheck on schedule & the comfortable lifestyle that it brings? Welcome to the Club!! 🙂

Many of us live our lives trying to figure out what is it that we actually want to do? Something that brings us happiness, something that we can do on and on without getting any bit tired, something that we would look up to doing for the rest of our lives. My IT job certainly doesn’t fit in any of those criteria’s and yet I have been doing it for past 5.5 years now. Then there are those people who never gave a thought to what they want, they happily keep doing their best in whatever field chosen by them at an age when half the possibilities of the world aren’t even known to you. God bless their happy lives, at least they are a tad bit stress free than me..

There is always (well mostly always) a battle of thoughts in the back of my head “Choosing a creative life Vs Choosing a Stable Life”. Now both have their fair share of pros and cons the major one being, Creative Living is expected to bring you more happiness and satisfaction while the Day Job will bring monetary & long term happiness perhaps. The heart always goes with one but the brain freaking runs in the other direction. I have kind of made peace with these struggles now by acknowledging the fact that if the battle is going on, sooner or later I am sure to find my answers. Till then it is just about picking the right thing that can be done at the moment. Like everyone calls it: “Living a day at a time!”


Every one of you would know of Elizabeth Gilbert as the writer of the famous novel “Eat Pray Love”. I actually watched the movie first (Julia Roberts fan) and then read the book (loved it). After that I came across her Ted Talks and loved them too. Earlier this year sometime I found out that she has written a novel on Creativity titled “BIG MAGIC : Creative Living Beyond Fear”. I immediately placed an order for the book and believe me I gulped it down in like 6-7 hours.

I love how she has simplified and diversified everything about all this. Your bread earning job and your creative work need not always be the same. And just cause you are doing one doesnt mean that you cant step into the other at the same time. And during the course of time you will realise that some way both have automatically merged into one, and then you will have the ideal job for yourself.

I am like WTF, why did I never think of it that way? Why did I always put this pressure on my creative self without even giving it enough time to nurture? You should be creative cause you like being creative not because you want money; well money is always wanted and it does come but it shouldn’t be the deal breaker between you and your creative self.

Some rules I follow to get in the zone :

  • Find a happy place for your creative work. (Add some music or a cup of tea or glass of wine; whatever gets you going)
  • Devote some time everyday to your work without fail. (5, 10, 30 mins anything cause every minute counts & every minute shapes you and your work)
  • Find the motivation behind your work.
  • Keep your day job to fuel your creative soul.
  • Keep the curiosity alive in you & Keep experimenting with your work.
  • Whatever it may be that you are doing, Be Authentic. Be relaxed & Be you.
  • Set your own Standards. (As I have said before “Perfectionism is a ruse”.)


This blog was created sometime last year amidst the hit and miss of thought and actions, but soon I forgot about it. It’s after reading “BIG MAGIC” that I decided to keep posting here whatever I like, whatever I want, however I want (after all It’s my blog!! :P). And I have made a point to be regular about it as it makes me really happy every time I publish something and people like it or drop me mails to share their views or personal takes on my story. It all gives me confidence to do more and do well.

Thanks Elizabeth Gilbert and Thank you All!!

Soul Strokes..


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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