May Favorites!!

Hey All, today I am bringing something new on the blog. I planned on doing monthly favourites this year but every month just skipped so soon that I never got the chance of writing down all the things that I loved during the month (a roundup precisely), and I thought mid year is good time to go back on my resolution and give it a fresh go.
I will try to pen down all sorts of things I enjoyed that month, so that I get to enjoy the experiences all over again while writing and you guys might find something different to try out & have fun with.
So, lets just jump right in….

Starting on with makeup and skincare cause I just have a few of them this month (& I have already talked about them on Instagram & Twitter :D)!!
DSC_0030 (2)-7
The first would be the Colorbar liners and mascaras range, loving them a lot.
The ColorBar Ultimate Eye Liner has super good precision (wearing a winged liner was never so easy). The felt tip applicator makes everything glide on really fine. I have tried faces, oriflame, maybelline & many more eyeliners and this one is the best by far.
Both colorbar mascaras are really good at what they claim to do but my personal favorite is Colorbar Zoom And Whoosh Mascara. The formula is a little better than the other and gives very smooth application. Also I love the dual applicator of this and the pink color :P.

Saante Luxurious Lip Balm was another addition top my favorite last month. It’s natural, it’s therapeautic, it smells great and it freaking works like magic. Keeps the lips hydrated all day long.


My skin went through a real bad phase last month, I suddenly saw multiple zits popping out one evening and they were all over the place. I knew I had been real bad about my skincare and now I needed drastic measures to take care of the situation.
So, not only did I go back the usual CTM routine twice a day. I also added the holy grail TEA TREE OIL and the much talked about OILS OF LIFE INTENSELY REVITALIZING FACIAL OIL to my routine. And thanks to the combo that everything went under control in 48 hours. While Tea Tree kept check on my zit situation and calmed down the ones that were already there, Oils of Life helped revitalize my skin & kept it well hydrated and nourished.


Moving onto movies and books, I am big time movie junkie. I watch every other movie that I hear good reviews about but sadly this month there was nothing much on the screens. The only movie I enjoyed to the core and that could engage me all through was Radhika Apte’s “Phobia” where she is a young artist who suffers from severe agoraphobia. The movie has fine series of twists and turns and characters that ultimately come down to a very interesting dynamics and intriguing end. Do watch the movie, Radhika Apte has done a superb job.


As for books I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s “BIG MAGIC” and have done a blog on it too, here’s the link (BIG MAGIC), so wont further discuss it here. I also read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin but didn’t quiet enjoy it, maybe because everyone has their own parameter of happiness and what they actually define as happiness. But I think ideas like : clicking pictures of your happy moments everyday or writing down about 3 happy memories of the day before bed, are something that everyone can incorporate in their life to be more happy and grateful about what they have and set a positive tone for the future.

There are a few new finds that I am recently enjoying a lot. I read about soothing aromas and burning candles in the house and how they elevate your mood, but I never thought I will fall in the trap till I got this bad boy as a gift. It has been up on my living room’s table mostly in every house party that I have had. And I love the lingering, soft fragrance that it leaves in the house. If you are into good fragrances or you just love either candles or scents in general you should definitely give a try to scented candles. For me, the doors to this world are now officially open for further exploration.


Aromatherapy is second in the newbee list. After trying Saante lip balm, I am definitely more inclined to trying out more products from their range and making my way the happy natural way.

And the final favorite, that’s well also a new find is the app called “Plant Nanny“. Its an android app that gives you reminder for drinking water from time to time and if you don’t you can see how your plant (aka your body) would be shriveled up and feel dry.
It just is a good visual thing to keep you motivated and keep that much indeed water intake in check which we usually ignore in our busy schedules.


For the fashion bit, I have been loving the past month are Chokers & Offshoulders/cold shoulders & I just can’t seem to get enough of both!!



That’s it for the favorites this month guys. I am hoping that I would be regular at this as I had super fun compiling down this blog. Do share your views on it.

Stay healthy, Stay chic & have a great month.

Soul Strokes…


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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