Fashion Vloggers I Love!!

Inspiration – something everyone looks for to go through their mundane life and make it more fun,challenging, adventurous or bold. Ideas come and go, some see their way to complete execution others just fly off the head. I am a very lazy person so to get myself motivated and working I have to always look for inspiring content and people. People who love their work and put their heart into it and create wonderful work, which in turn makes me push myself to give more & be more creative.
I always wanted to do a blog of my own but never had the guts to pull it through. It was when one day I accidentally stumbled on a youtube video of Claire that I realized 2 things :
1. I love her (not in the literal love way but yeah a huge fangirl 😛 :* )
2. I want to operate like her, dress like her, be more confident and outgoing and fun loving and risk taking with my life.. (yeah I totally drool over her videos)
That’s when I started thinking about my blog again and then everything seemed to come in place, the friends who supported me, the shoots that happened around the time.
Anyways its not about me today. So every time when I still feel drained or moody and I need that boost of creativity around me there are a few vloggers that I turn back to for the much needed inspiration & motivation. And today I am bringing 3 of my favorites to you.

Claire Marshall
YouTube :
Instagram :

Claire started her career originally as a Freelance Makeup Artist and slowly made her way to Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogging. Her videos are so creative that I havent seen any Fashion Vlogger even close. She presents her ideas so beautifully, so creatively that I just don’t mind watching her videos over and over again.
She always feels super real and engaged in her work and I respect & looove her for that. I have literally bored teh people around me to death by talking about her all the time. Also she has a real smart & sexy cat (Bruce).(#potentialstalker 😀 😀 )

Some of her videos that are really creative and fun :

 hey, it’s me. | heyclaire

Jenn Im
YouTube :
Instagram :

Jenn is also LA based Korean American vlogger. Her blog is all about being edgy and bold through fashion and style. She is super cute and her content is way more bold. She can turn any piece of clothing into her own. She wears everything with such poise and confidence that you are bound to fall for it.
I love her lookbooks the most of all her videos & her sunglass collection is to die for.

13414298_1647690998885086_431176557_n 13392749_1688799044719043_1263833197_n (1)
 Styling Swimsuits Into Outfits
 How I Style | Chokers
 My Sunglasses Collection

Estee Lalonde
YouTube :
Instagram :

While Jenn is all about quirky & bold styles and Claire about beauty & creativity, Estee’s videos are more casual next door girl. She always exudes super comfy and poised and confident vibes. Love her smile a lot feels like coming from the heart all the time.
The thing I love the most about her videos is that she keeps throwing advice and bits in her videos to take control of how, to do what you want, to be more centered and happy in your own skin and space and I love that content on her channel. Another reason why I love her is cause she too has a pet a big dashing Greyhound.

13402405_1106769712717592_2035566584_n 13473115_1739908282918282_1206988378_n


I hope you love them as much as I do and more so I hope you get some creative juices flowing by the end of it all. See you soon.



Fashion lover, beauty admirer, travel enthusiast and camera crazyyy... Sharing all crazy stuff just for fun... ;)

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