The Chic Shift Dress!!

I love it when fashion & comfort can go hand in hand. That’s the reason why I have been in love with the Athleisure trend so much and did a blog on it too “Complicated lives, Simple Clothes!!”. But if you aren’t into wearing your tracks out and still want that comfy feel, I would recommend going for Shift Dresses. They are known for keeping it short & sweet; featuring a straight up-and-down shape, high neck, and an overall simple elegance. Shift dresses are perfect for the girl on the go, because the fabric slightly floats away from the body, leaving room for movement ( and fun 😉 ).


The shift dress rose to popularity when worn by timeless actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s the perfect easy, cute dress to slip into when you are on the go and don’t want to bother about mix & match drama pulling your whole wardrobe out (we all do that 😛 ).


I love this beautiful daunting shift dress from Forever21, I wasn’t in the mood to shop online but when I lay my eyes on this one I just couldn’t resist. I love the colors, the brush strokes, the fit, the flare it’s all so feminine and edgy. I feel like ‘staple’ and ‘must have’ are so overused but this dress certainly is both, and out of all the Shift Dresses I own this is by far my favorite.


Style is something that constantly evolves and changes with your mood and day. Since comfort was on my mind as we were planning to explore the roads less travelled, I chose to go with flats for the easy movement up and down those rocks. Also, keeping the Bomber Jacket was such a blessing as it was tad bit cold after the rain showers.

_AKA0136-3 DSC_0023-7

 Dress : Forever21
Shoes : Forever21
Bomber Jacket : Zara



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