Baby Steps To Add Greenery To Your Space..

I love having pets & plants around the house, they make your space a lot more lively and happier. Now since having pets can’t be everyone’s game, having plants is super easy & less messy 😛 . I recently shifted to a new apartment and am super keen on making my rented space feel more like home. And there is no better way to do that than adding pretty plants around. I was looking for some design inspirations for past few days and I stumbled upon some beautiful things that I wanted to share with you as a cheat sheet for anyone who is interested.


3 basic reason why I consider keeping plants in the house:

  • They enhance the décor. Adding greenery to any room instantly adds color and texture. If your casa is full of neutrals, place the plant in a bright pot for a fun pop of color or vice-versa.
  • They purify the air. We can’t do much about the air pollution outside but atleast we can breathe better indoors. Plants increase oxygen levels and remove toxins from the air from furnishings, finishes and household cleaners.
  • Plants make people happy and that’s not me bragging that’s Reasearch. Having indoor plants can provide a calmer environment making you feel more optimistic, and contribute to your overall well being.

Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Jade, Bamboo are few of the easiest to start with. For example, Aloevera just needs medium light & moist soil and it quickly multiplies into a large bush. It helps clearing formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Gel inside the plant soothes skin inflammation caused by sunburn. You can even place the stem into the freezer for an extra cooling effect.



Purchasing houseplants from local nursery is best. They offer healthier plants, usually pesticide free, and have been taking care of them for some time. They are also fully acclimated to the region and the staff at your will be educated in any plant-related questions and can help teach you about your new plant.

Plants drive on water & light, appropriate portion of both for different kinds of plants is generally all you need to know. As an addon its good to know about the size of the of the pot for your plant (I have seen earthen pots break if it is unable to contain the growing roots inside or if the pot is bigger than needed the roots might rot leading to decay). Also make sure to choose a pot with a hole in bottom for excess water to drain out. Add a matching saucer to prevent water from running on the floor. If you come across the pot of your dreams with no drainage hole & really want it try putting rocks at the bottom before the soil to help soak up the extra water.




A few more tips before I sign off :

  • If it’s leaning toward the window or the light source, it’s craving some sunshine. Push it closer to the window and spin it around so it balances out.
  • If possible, capture rainwater in a bucket outside to water your plants. Plants thrive best with natural sources of water.
  • Every so often, wipe down the leaves of each plant with a damp cloth to ensure its best absorption of air particles and toxins. Plus it keeps them bright and shiny!
  • If you still aren’t happy and want to add some personal touch to the whole feel, I would recommend painting your pots or finding the one’s that would resonate best with your style and interiors of your house.


If you are interested in home decor you might want to take a look at my previous blog “Monday Interior Inspo”

Have fun decorating your space!!

SoulStrokes …


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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