August Favorites 2016..

Hi All, and welcome back to monthly favorites. Today I am sending off the last month of summer with a round of favorites and personally I’m pretty excited to start September and I will tell you why at the end of this blog but for now let’s dive into the favorites.

DSC_0005 (2)-2

Since, I was pretty busy this last month, I was mostly very low on makeup most of the days but explored some skincare/ hair care stuff. My first favorite is the BBlunt Dry Shampoo; it literally saved my day many a times. Running late for office or shoot or party and have no time for a head wash, this is a genuine savior!! It smells good, leaves no white cast on the scalp and doesn’t make your head itchy. I personally don’t like extra product on hair for long, so I always make sure to wash my head at the end of the day to take it all out and give the hair some much needed love. The cute thing is that they have also launched this in a travel sized bottle for just INR 250, easy to carry on you vacations and maybe a good start before you jump in to buy the big bottle.


Neutrogena night cream is another product that I enjoyed using last month. Since night cream is something that is going to stay for 6-8 hours on your face, you should make sure you are picking the right thing. I picked up this particular bottle for the reasons that it’s a safe dermatologist-tested cream, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic & alcohol free. So your skin is safe with a lot of hydration. It might feel a bit greasy on skin but since you are just going to sleep with it so don’t worry much about it. 😛


Last month I was all out exploring skincare with charcoal. I haven’t yet tried all the products that I wanted to but one that I am enjoying is the Charcoal Face Pack by FabIndia. Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities and I am going to talk about in detail in an upcoming blog (stay tuned for that 😀 😀 ). This face pack uses Multani Mitti as its base with charcoal and does the perfect job at cleansing the skin from all the dirt and oil from the pores.


Talking about Charcoal I would also mention my long time favorite Oxy Deep Face Wash with Activated Charcoal. I mentioned it in my “June Faves as well and it still is the best face wash I have tried.


I read 2 books last month: Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet And The Art of Peace & Haruki Murakami’s The Strange Library.

I never thought I would enjoy reading poetic verse from an author like Khalil Gibran, I had an assumption that it’s just not my type. When I landed the beautifully illustrated book I couldn’t resist it and ended up enjoying his work. I have talked about the author and the book in detail in my last blog “ Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet“.

The Strange Library is another beautifully illustrated book by an amazing author but was a big miss for me. I just couldn’t understand what the author tried to convey through this short story where a child gets stuck in a public library. And the way everything unfolds later resembles the style of the author but failed to leave any impact. If you love reading illustrated books go ahead but else it can be totally skipped.

Movies, August had a nice mix of flicks in its pocket. From Bollywood’s Happy Bhag Jayegi, Mohenjo Daro & Rustom to Hollywood’s War Dogs, Mechanic Resurrection, Suicide Squad, Nine Lives & Pete’s Dragon. There was comedy, drama, action, adventure, fantasy, crime & what not… I had high expectations from Nine Lives & Happy Bhag Jayegi but I realized after watching them that creating the right comedy movie isn’t so easy after all. Apart from a few good dialogues here and there, both the movies were majorly blank. I surprisingly enjoyed War Dogs a lot, not only it had more humor than all the rest, the actors did a wonderful job. Teller and Hill have great chemistry on screen. Jonah does a particularly good job at playing the “guy you love to hate”.

That’s all I have for this blog folks!! I have planned out the whole month of September with a variety of blogs coming up your way. I am currently in the situation where I am trying to write different sorts of content to figure out what I love writing the most as well as what you love reading the most. So please drop a comment if there is something that you would love to see more of or if there is something you want me to try out.

 See you soon in another interesting colorful one. 🙂 🙂



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