Top 10 Offbeat Travel Websites In India

Travel websites these days are not just a way to find the detailed information about your desired destination but more about the right experience to make your holiday memorable. India is a country where you have a host of things to see & do. Adventure freaks, hikers, spiritual seekers, nature admirers, wildlife explorers, history fanatics; there is so much to experience for everyone. Below is a list I put together for the travel lovers like me to have some different, memorable experiences and to make your planning & travel all the more amazing. These sites are ultimate resource in-case you are searching for something that suits your own interests and hobbies instead of the usual must see, must do cliches.Offbeat Travel

Padhaaro (
Travelling to a new place can give a lot of people jitters. You don’t know the language, the culture, the laws, the locals. Padhaaro mare desh is a commonly heard folk song in Rajasthan. It literally translated to welcome to my county/ state. Get some cultural exchange, build a community, have a fun and safe trip and share the experiences of locals. Each experience showcased on Padhaaro is facilitated by Greeters and Local Experts. Who knows maybe you will learn a new art on your next trip.

Offbeat Travel

GoMowgli (
Want a backpacker trip but don’t want the hastle of planning all the nitty-gritty details? Hop on GoMowgli and find the most beautifully customized Hop on Hop off Bus Tours. India’s first bus service for backpackers. They bring the perfect merge of offbeat places and well-known places in their tours with the local people and bring out everything on the plate for you. And solo trip couldn’t be a worry anymore!!

Offbeat Travel

 Audio Compass (
Tired of reading blogs and investing time in your travel plans. Download the Audio Compass App and listen to the personal tour guides on your phone, containing thousands of audio clips narrated by local, expert guides. Immerse yourself in authentic stories of places you travel to while doing your everyday chores and make planning easier & fun. Best part is no need for data roaming or an internet connection. Destinations can be downloaded on your phone for convenient, offline use.

Offbeat Travel

SeekSherpa (
Don’t have the time to move out of your city but have the urge to travel and find something interesting? Or want to travel the city with the locals who know it best then SeekSherpa is the place for you. The company allows locals in top Indian cities and tourist locations like Delhi, Srinagar and Jaipur, to become a “Sherpa” (tour guide) on the app for giving the most authentic experience to travellers.

Offbeat Travel

InkMyTravel (
Ultimate destination for knowing the unadulterated experience of other travelers through their own stories and then recreating a story of your own. This travel blogging website brings beautiful stories in different categories(Spiritual Trip, Biker Diaries, Adventure etc.) to the fore. Pick your poison people.

Offbeat Travel

Nearify ( :
Another beautiful app that we stumbled upon is Nearify. It is a rich bank of local experiences near you. Don’t know what to do where you are? Just open the app feed your location and find instant updates on events around you. It also shows you custom upcoming events based on your interest so that you can accordingly plan out your travel in future.

Offbeat Travel

India Untravelled (
If your travel doesn’t feel like a calming experience in the hustle of crowded travel destinations try offbeat rural getaways. India Untravelled help travellers discover a side of India that not many people have experienced before. Their destinations lie in rural parts of India with untouched natural beauty, where hospitality comes innately to the people and a traditional, earthy way of life can still be experienced. You’ll love getting away from the crowds of the cities, and unwinding amid nature, in a safe & comfortable environment. At the same time, the revenue that your visits generate will help support and sustain the local communities, their heritage, culture, traditions and art forms.

Offbeat Travel

Tripvillas (
Looking for a home away from your home? Try out Tripvillas. A Website that allows you to book Holiday Homes and Homestays instead of Hotels and Resorts. Travelers get to stay in large spacious family homes in some of the most beautiful places. Live in homes with their own Kitchen, Living Room and Dining and have the most ultimate relaxed getaway.

Offbeat Travel

Myoki (
Myoki is the best travel service for short vacations within India. They rightly say that when you have just a few days free, your stay is as much a part of the experience as the place you’re travelling to. You will find everything here from royal rajasthani palaces and tree-houses located amidst lush forests to quaint portuguese villas with their own swimming pools. No more wasting time on multiple website to pick the right Holiday Home.

Offbeat Travel

Simply offbeat (
If you want to run away from the busy city life, this website is made for you. Simply offbeat brings offbeat destinations amidst natural surroundings which gives a traveller a unique experience. These locations have something for everyone; ranging from nature trails, camping at scenic lakes, view of snow-capped mountains, learning about varied species of flora and fauna, indulging in water sports etc.

Check out these 10 websites and maybe there will be no more planning worries. Be ready to have some of the most off-beat travel experiences and also let me know in comments if you have already experienced traveling with any of these!!




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