My Creative Pursuits!!

This past weekend I was sitting in the balcony sipping my tea as usual and thinking about my life’s journey over the years, school, college, Infosys, Oracle; I realized that over the period of time many people taught me many things, from textbooks in school, to course material in college; from personal values at home to professional etiquette’s at work. But the things that I really enjoy doing are the ones that I taught myself over years, sometimes from YouTube, random websites or sometimes just out of curiosity and experimentation.


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I remember the first love of my life, the first creative thing I explored on my own was Dancing. I am told that I have been a big fan of movies and dance from the time I couldn’t even comprehend it all. So, maybe that’s something I was born with but it definitely got better by performing in school & college functions, learning from flicks, videos & fellow dancers. Another thing I love doing from when I was a kid is gardening. I used to see my mom potting & re-potting plants and spending hours watering them and pruning them and I grew fond of it. Now living in a rented space you can’t do much but I still try to always keep some plants around in the house.



When I started college, luckily I made wonderful friends and I learned something from everyone of them but one thing that is still imbibed in me is reading. One fine day a friend of mine came up to me bragging about this one novel she had just finished and asked me to read it so passionately that I couldn’t say no. And there was no end to my reading after that. I started slow and picked easier ones initially, I remember 5 point someone was a big rage at that time and so was The Secret. And now I make sure to read at least one book every month if not more, no matter what.



Next what I took up was painting. All through the school I did paint a little bit here and there for school work, notice boards. But I think when I actually realized that I can draw well & paint creatively was during my college years when I had to paint posters for college fest. Later after college my painting style evolved a lot and I ended up doing more of abstract, impasto & mixed media and this journey from crayons and sketch pens to canvas & wall art was one of my most fulfilling journeys.


Photography became my next love. When I got my first DSLR I knew nothing about ISO, Shutter Speed or anything to do with Photography, I just got it for the fun of it and began learning a lot of things on the go experimenting. Composition, Lights, Angles everything started coming to me slowly. I tried reading a few docs to better understand some technical things but they seemed too boring and I gave up. So I am still not a very learned, technical photographer by any means but I love how slowly I taught myself to capture the random beauty of not so random things around.



When I started writing my blog about this same time last year, I just started because I wanted to do something creative. I wasn’t very sure if I would love doing it or I would be able to even write as frequently as I do now, but a friend of mine said you will never know till you give it a go and so it started. And now I think if there is one thing that I love doing the most and imagine myself doing in future; it’s Blogging and writing in general. It feels the one place where I can put up everything I want from my paintings, my fashion bits, travel bytes, photography, editing just about all things I love to do end up here and writing every single blog teaches me something, makes me more confident in a way.

There would always be things that you would want to learn and know and there also would always be excuses to not do so but if you just start, everything else will fall in place. You need not worry about whether you would be good at it or not, whether someone would like it or not, just keep doing it and you never know you might paint a masterpiece someday. 😉




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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