5 Hot Denim Trends with ZARA !!

Denims are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe and it is more just limited to the good old jeans. We can see Denim everywhere from shirts, dresses to shoes, bags and accessories these days. While it is very easy to stick to the basics with jeans and just play around with tops and accessories, there are a few Denim trends that are easy to play with and are a must try this season. Trending the charts, these styles are really easy to add in your wardrobe and there is everything seriously everything for everyone at ZARA. So walk through the blog and set your sights on a new pair with the perfect style & fit.

FLARED JEANS : If you were a Flare Jeans fan, now is the time to rock them again proud and  loud. Go as crazy as you can cause there is even Culotte Jeans out there waiting for you.


EMBROIDERED DENIM : Yes, embroidered denim is a thing and yes it is too classy to miss. When you are not able to find the perfect party dress next go for these and go crazy with the embellishments.


PATCHWORK : If embroidery/ embellishments are not your thing, try playing with patchwork. You can keep it subtle with all denim patches or can take it a notch up and go wild.


RIPPED & FRAYED : Ripped Denims have been out for long but the latest is combining ripped with frayed. It is a super cool street style look to try out and looks fabulous on everyone.


PAINTED UP : And as I always I kept my best for last. If you love art 😛 or just random colors and doodling work, why not wear it on this season. Show you creative, happy and bold moods through the colors and work on your jeans.


All the jeans here are from ZARA. You can checkout the site or go to the nearest store to pick up your new lovely pair and do share with me what’s your favorite trend this season.

Stay Lovely, Stay Chic!!
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