As some of you might already know, I am big big fan of TBS products. There is always some product that needs to be restocked or something that they recently launched which I want to try out. I wasn’t always this addicted to BodyShop but one after the other I tried their different products and now I just can’t seem to live without the products. The Body Shop, is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L’Oréal which operates on its  core value “Against Animal Testing”. Their products are “inspired by nature” and they feature ingredients such as marula oil and sesame seed oil sourced through the Community Fair Trade program.

I recently went to purchase a few products in the preparation for the festive season coming up (seriously… the reasons I give myself) but I ended up doing what is called a “HAUL” 😛 so I thought I will share it with you all.  🙂


MORINGA BODY MILK : Body Moisturizers are the part of the core skincare regime for everyone. I have a lot about their Body Butters but never did try them. I love this particular Body Milk because it’s very light so easily absorbed and glides smoothly on the skin. It hydrates the skin well without making you feel oily/sticky and it has just the perfect delicate floral scent. It’s just what you need to hydrate in the dry wintery months coming.
Will I repurchase it : Yes, but maybe a different scent to try next time just to switch things
Would I recommend it : Definitely

PINITA COLADA SHOWER GEL : This is one their new launches and I feel for it for the tropical scent it claims to have. What I prefer doing when I am trying a new product is buying the travel/trial size version, so that even if I don’t like it, I don’t feel guilty about it. The scent is absolutely summery and the shower gel is soap free, so not harsh on the skin.
Will I repurchase it : Maybe
Would I recommend it : Not committed to it as yet, so won’t recommend as of now

Body Shop vitamin E range.jpg

VITAMIN E RANGE : since Vitamin E is highly praised as an antioxidant, its really good for the skin. I love the Vitamin E Range of Body Shop as they use wheatgerm oil, which is one of the richest sources of Vitamin E and its effects really show. The Aqua Boost Sorbet and Lip Balm are a repurchase as I loved them both. The sorbet is the best moisturizer I have got my hands on for my skin. And the Lip Balm has SPF too which makes me like it more. The Face Mist is a new purchase for me, it’s great for setting makeup and use throughout the day for instant refreshment, moisture & protection.
Will I repurchase it : Definitely
Would I recommend it : I personally love this range and I would definitely recommend it


HAND CREAM : I picked up these 2 hand creams : HONEYMANIA & MORINGA. They are perfect to protect your hands from the dryness and easy to keep in bag and carry around for on the go hydration. The formula absorbs quickly leaving hands soft and fragrant. I got 2 cause I just couldn’t pick what scent I like more 🙂 and you can never have too many Hand Creams 😀 .
Will I repurchase it: Yes
Would I recommend it : Definitely


BODY MIST : I have recently got to love Body Mists as their scent is very light and airy which I feel is perfect for an everyday wear when you don’t want to go with highly concentrated perfumes. You can reapply through the day without being too loud and stay breezy. I picked up INDIAN NIGHT JASMINE cause I really love that scent and SATSUMA cause I have heard using similar scent body wash/scrub make your mist last longer, which brings me to my next purchase.
Will I repurchase it: Yes
Would I recommend it : Scents are a real personal choice, so I would recommend having a whiff of it and picking up what works best for you


SATSUMA BODY POLISH : I don’t like the trouble of carrying of carrying a body wash and a body scrub while traveling and this is just the perfect 2 in 1 solution. The scrub is very gentle on skin so can be used daily and leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth. Plus the zesty citrus scent makes you feel fresh and ready for the day. Add on the SATSUMA BODY MIST and you are good to go.
Will I repurchase it: Yes
Would I recommend it : Yes


OLIVE BEAUTIFYING OIL : As I said the haul was in preparation to stock up for winters/festivals and my skin feels really dry during winters or while travel. I picked up this Oil to try out as it is made from nut oil so good for skin and the scent was very subtle so can use it and move on with whatever scent you would like to go with for the day. Plus it’s good for all body, face & I love products that are multipurpose and reduce my storage troubles while travel.
Will I repurchase it: Yes
Would I recommend it : Depends on how your skin feels, someone with oily or combination skin might not need it so try out at the store and make up your mind.


HONEY BRONZE SHIMMERING DRY OIL : And finally the bomb purchase. The Shimmering oil that I heard so much about. Ok first impressions, its very very light weight body oil which gives very beautiful bronzed shine & glow to the skin. It has a non-greasy finish and I loved how it just instantly gives you the party ready glow. I am pretty sure this is going to be my goto for every major occasion coming up. 😀 😀
Will I repurchase it: Yes
Would I recommend it : If you are a party person or love getting ready for those functions, weddings or festivals you will definitely love this one.

See you soon with another one guys.


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