Hellooo Again!!

Hi Everyone…. It’s December 1st 2016… I was hoping to put this blog up sooner today but got tied up in things. Anyways, this one is a sit down, blurting it out kinda blog today cause I just wanted to put up what’s been going on with me & the blog and what I foresee for the coming month. I am challenging myself to upload at least 5 blogs up this month. I know it’s not very challenging goal for many of you but it feels so to me now, especially cause I kind of stepped back from the blog for sometime.

I was very overwhelmed with certain things going on around in my life (maybe cause I overthink a lot in my head and get anxious real soon). There have been many major changes in my work life as well as personal life and it just got out of hand at many points. So this blog just took a back seat for that anxious, sad, weird (whatever) period of time. And I want to take the opportunity this month to produce 5 solid blogs for you guys. It could be something like this, a typical blog or fashion, travel stuff.

I am trying to be organised & started bullet journaling.. It is kind of nice to take everything thats up in your mind and put it down on paper to make space for something important in the brain 😛 . I don’t know, I feel it helps, might not work for everyone though. Anyways,  you have seen a few blogs up here that I did with my best friend Ritika Negi, she is literally the longest relationship that I have had in my life. And now that she is planning to move to Delhi and settle down, I am planning to do random crazy shoots with her to capture these moments forever so you might see some of that here. Also I will continue with the Monthly Favourites and put out November Favourites soon.


Many of you on Insta have requested for a blog on the NH7 Weekender look, so that might be up later in the month as well. So we are challenging ourselves to a blog every week… And it feels great to get to talk to you again. Will catch you soon 😉 ….

Soul Strokes…


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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