The Brain Dump…

Hi everyone, this blog is literally what the title says so be warned before jumping right into it. My brain’s current chaotic status reported as of last midnight, when I wasn’t able to sleep cause of the fever and cold meds and as I was waiting for some relief and sound sleep (for a change) this blog’s idea crossed my mind. I don’t know if it ever happens to anyone else but sometimes when I don’t immediately act on the ideas that cross my brain, they either get lost somewhere down the line or I loose interest in them or I see someone else has already done something like that and then I just don’t feel like repeating it.

So here it is, 1:00 AM Brain Dump with me and my diary (which somehow managed to get transferred online today 🙂 ).

This week was real pain, there were so many things that I actually wanted to do but could crack on just a few cause of my terrible health. I got up Tuesday morning with an unexpected cold attack (don’t underestimate the cold of Hyderabad guys cause now I am wearing a freaking sweatshirt and PJ’s without a fan and wrapped like a burrito in my blanket all day 😦 ). Maybe its just me, but when things go wrong in one zone of my life everything else also seems to go haywire and totally out of control. All things messed up in life, that I deliberately don’t think about come crawling back to my head and that irritates me even more. From simpler stuff like drinking enough water everyday, and eating proper food to things that are no way in my control. The usual midlife crisis questions like What am I doing? What do I actually want to do? Where do I wanna be 5 years from now? Who do I wanna be with? Am I truly happy ? Is this all just me overthinking??

But even with all that chaos in the head, I find myself smiling and laughing at times; like a whole different person altogether. We know we are messed up in the head at times, but we still manage to look sorted and happy and party ready when needed. I just love to see that shift and see how confident all of us can be when needed.

Moving on, I have been trying to work on my Photography, esp. low light and wanted to share a few shots I took last weekend with you all (don’t judge, still learning 😀 ).




I got so many good reviews and words of encouragement from all of you on my blog “Hello Again”. Thank you so so much everyone for that. Your words gave me that much needed confidence boost and made me feel that I can actually make it happen. Though half the month is gone by but I am still very hopeful that we can reach the 5 count. I am hoping that I get better by Saturday cause I have planned to shoot a lookbook on Sunday and I just don’t want to mess it up. Also, November faves are sorted so that blog would be coming up sometime next week (better late than never 😀 ).

Yeah, that’s me so far; looking back and moving forward hopefully without cold 😛 😉 .



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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