November Favorites 2016…

Helloooo Everyone and welcome back to the Favorites series, I am super excited to be doing this again cause I absolutely love sharing what I have enjoyed throughout the month with you. There is so much out there to see and read and try out that sometimes we just get overwhelmed with options and blogs like these really help narrow down our picks. Who frankly has time and money to waste on things that don’t turn out good??

So let’s begin the drill. Starting off with skincare, I have been really enjoying the Vitamin E range all through October and November. If the seasonal change or winters make your skin dry and itchy and you feel low on hydration, first and foremost keep your water intake in check. We tend to drink less water than required in winters and that shows up on the skin really fast. So drink at least 2 ltrs water everyday. Thats hydration from the inside, now for protection from outside, Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants that help protect the skin against damaging environmental elements.


The Lip Balm contains Coconut & Olive oils along with Beeswax. It has SPF of 15 which we generally tend to forget for lips so that’s taken care of. And I love that it comes in stick form as opposed to the pot. Overall its one of the best lip balms I have tried so far and I would totally recommend you to try it out as well.

The Aqua Boost Sorbet literally feels like a burst of freshness on the skin. It instantly gives nice, cooling sensation to the face and makes your skin silky-soft and hydrated. It has a nice, fluffy texture and the best part is that it doesn’t make your skin look or feel oily.

The Vitamin E Face Mist is another lovely addition to this range. It is instant, refresher for the skin at any time of the day. If you are up for makeup setting spray, I would say try something else, but if you are just looking to give your skin some doze of hydration throughout the day this one is a good pick.


I am also loving these Hand Creams from The Body Shop. They smell amazingly good, feel good, the texture is very light weight and gets quickly absorbed in the skin. And the best part is the size of these is perfect to shove in your bags and carry around on a busy day.


The final product that I randomly picked up online is this LuxaDerme Deep Moisturising Treatment. Frankly I thought it would be really gimmicky/ weird product but I still picked it up for the fun of it. This is basically a sheet mask but for your feet. There is a lot of product inside and the whole experience of trying these out was fun. The surprising part is it actually works, your feet will feel soft and hydrated and relaxed after trying this out and it is non messy, non sticky and easy to use. So if you are planning a relaxed spa kinda evening for yourself or with your friends add this to the list for some more fun.

As for what I have been watching, it’s the regular dose of Big Boss Season 10 that one of my friends got me hooked to. She sat with me and watched 2 episodes I guess, like day 12 & 13 and since then I have been watching it everyday. Another one is Koffee with Karan on the weekends. Most of this season’s episodes were very wonderful to watch and the one’s that weren’t simply got fast forwarded, which brings me to the next section.

I hate sitting down in front of the TV and waiting for your favorite episode to play at certain time, that too with all the unnecessary noise of irritating ads. So apps that let me watch whatever I want, wherever I want & whenever I want are a big hit with me. I downloaded VOOT for something else but lately I have been using it to watch Big Boss. And also I have Hotstar on my phone right now but I guess that will be only till Koffee with Karan is airing.

That’s it for November Favorites people. I know it was too late to put this up but I know that you are kind enough to forgive me for it 🙂 :* . Also share what you have been loving lately, books, series, movies, makeup whatever comes to your mind. I love to hear your suggestions on these posts. See you soon with the next one.



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