Color of the Year 2017

For all the boys who struggle to remember name of colors and the girls who love to stay updated with the latest, the name is “Greenery”. Pantone chose it’s shade Pantone 15-0343 aka Greenery to be the color of 2017, which means that this color is going to popup everywhere possible from architecture, interior decor, to fashion, food & travel (I mean literally everywhere). 

Since 2000, Pantone every year choses a color that reflects the current cultural climate. The color is chosen to signify new beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors during spring and summer; revival; renewal & vitality. But most importantly this bright, yellow-green hue is emphasising on the “go-green” movement which will grow all the more louder this year.



There is an immense desire in people to reconnect with nature now. From organic foods, to rural retreats to green restaurants everyone is doing their best to experience nature in their own ways, to disconnect with technology and take a break.

This is defined as a “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. It can very easily be paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics and even with PANTONE Colors of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. I always get fascinated by the colors that Pantone release every year, somehow they make so much sense and also make life easy. I have done 2 blogs on Pantone colors last year (will share those links below) and I am pretty sure I will keep sharing these with you guys in future as well.




Colors of the year 2016

5 Must Have Colors For Fall

Soul Strokes….



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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