January Favorites!!!

Hello beautiful people, so it’s time again for a favorites video and the first one of 2017. I am going to try and do favorites every month this year cause you guys love them and I love them too. I think it’s really fun to curate favorite items with the history of what you liked and why you liked it. I have a few products to show you guys, shows to talk about and loads more so let’s get started with the series & movies on the list.


The Trip : This Bindass series is about four friends who meet up to go on a bachelorette trip, during which they rekindle their friendship, and discover things about themselves that change their lives forever. The cast is amazing Lisa Hayden, Swetha Tripathi, Sapna Pabbi & Mallika Dua. And this gives you serious Girl Trip goals ( NO KIDDING!!).


Sherlock : OMG, Let me get this out of the way first : “Looove Benedict Cumberbatch”. Every season, every episode of this amazing series is so very gripping and powerful. The 4th series premiered on 1st Jan and I really adore that all their series are just 3 or 4 episodes so you can like, sit on a Sunday on your couch and binge watch the whole series in a day. (If anyone has seen Elementary, do let me know if its worth a watch).


Blind Date : This one is a 2015 French RomCom that I watched on Netflix (with subtitles ofcourse). The movie is about a shy girl who moves into a new apartment in Paris and falls in love with the neighbour. The catch is, although the two live side-by-side they never meet each other till the climax of the movie. All they do is talk to each other across the hollow wall separating their apartments, through which any noise made in either place can be heard ( Creepy right? ).


The Kicks : There are so many of these subscriptions coming up in India now. You have Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Amazon Prime; I basically feel at times that I am spoilt for choices and spending too much time on net, fixated on my Laptop (anyways, I just rolled on to a whole other tangent). Coming to faves I subscribed to Amazon Prime in Jan and watched this series. It is a typical light teenage drama that I watched to lighten up my mood. Devin Bruke moves cross-country to California and tries to adjust with her new friends while working on her dreams of playing Soccer. Its an easy flowing, happy series.




Supervek Wallet : I got this wallet from a stall in NH7 Weeekender, just cause I loved the black marble print on it and couldn’t resist. I didn’t know at the point that I would fall in love with this. I have been using this wallet ever since, it’s so effortless, super lightweight, made from recycled material and its water-proof. You can choose from a huge variety of amazing designs on their website Supervek.


Laptop skin from iDOO : I bought this MacBook Air on my birthday in November, loved the laptop but got very irritated by the fact that it gets dirty pretty easy. Also since I travel so much, I wanted it to stay protected and scratch free, so I got this slim matte rubber coated plastic hard case from iDOO and by now you know my fascination with the marble print 😛 (totally obsessing over this). And since I am on my laptop, I would also mention my NikonD5100 officially as my favorite. Love the cam, its a bit heavy but easy to use (and the only DSLR I own so has to be mentioned 😛 ).



Oriflame Milk & Honey Body Cream: As you can make out from the pic the tub is almost empty, that’s how much I loved it and used it this past month. It comes in a cute round see-through plastic jar with a golden brown screw-on lid. It has a very mild honey fragrances that blends well and absorbs easily. The milk and honey range from Oriflame has many more products which I am keen to try after this one.


Oriflame Swedish Spa Scrub : This scrub is part of their 3 step Swedish Spa Facial. The scrub has fine gritty particles that are supposed to do the magic trick but it stings real bad on the skin and feels very harsh too. To me it isn’t meant for the face but works really well as body scrub.




Innisfree Aloe Sheet Mask : Sheet Masks have taken the skincare world by the storm. All you need to do is take out the sheet and apply it on a clean dry face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes so your skin absorbs all the moisture. It did not irritate my skin and was extremely hydrating but the effects aren’t very long lasting. So if you are looking for an instant pick me up hydrating mask for the skin before going to an event, this will definitely solve your troubles.

So guys those are my favorites for January and I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I did. If you have any new favorites leave them down in the comments below as I love to try out your recommendations. Have a good day ahead.



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