My Jewellery Obsession!!

Hey Girls (and Guys if you are still reading it post the title 😛 ), this one is a totally different blog from what you would have seen before. But before I jump into it I want to share with you all that I did my first short film 😀 😀 . Thanks to Mubeen who believed that I am good enough to be a part of the movie and to an amazing amazing bunch of people who were a part of this project.

Itlu Naaperu


I am a big time jewellery hoarder, I mean literally. Every time I go out shopping there is always some or other piece of jewellery coming home with me. Be it rings or earrings or necklaces, I just can’t get my hands off stuff and I think most of you would relate to me. But even with the changing styles and trends, there are always some pieces in every girls wardrobe that she just can’t live without. No matter how much stuff you buy, you always end up going back to the same pieces for almost every occasion.

So, this one fine day I told myself that if I clear up my accessory drawers and put everything in place neat and tidy, I might end up wearing the other random stuff that has accumulated over time. But even after going through all of it, I ended up appreciating my loved ones (accessories) even more. So much so that I decided to click some shots with a few of my most favorite pieces and it all came out to be soo good that I decided to put the pics up on the blog here.

So here is to loyalty & commitment 😉 



Soul Strokes…


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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