My Maiden Trip to Rajasthan!!

Hello Friends!! We are close to the end of February and if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have been traveling a lot since January end. And now that I am finally back in Hyderabad and settled in my daily routine, it’s time to share my experiences with you all. This one was a very impromptu plan with a bunch of friends from Delhi. A road trip, loads of fun, drama and a much needed rejuvenating vacation for all of us.

Our stay was the centre of attraction for me “Fort Khejarla”, situated in a rural setting, the 400 year old fort is about 85 kms from the city of Jodhpur and offers an enlivening experience that we were looking for. The red sandstone monument has a wonderful picturesque setting and intricate Jharokas that make it all the more royal. And not just the look of the place but the personalized and intimate service, along with royal pampering made us more and more in awe of the place. We were so enchanted by the place and the serene setting that no one wanted to step out even to visit Jodhpur.

And the interior decor, I just couldn’t get enough of it. The Suites were so grand, luxurious and comfortable that it would make you forget about everything and just be in the moment. Soak in the richness and opulence of the place as much as you can cause it isn’t gonna be with you forever. Everything from the drapes and carpet, to the mirrors and woodwork is very gracefully done. I would let the pictures do rest of the talking, and if you are in or around Jodhpur try to stay in here for a night atleast. It will add so much more to your amazing excursion in Rajasthan.






More coming soon 🙂

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