The Stirring Streets of Jodhpur…

Hello Friends, I am back today with another blog from my trip to Rajasthan. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first one I’ll link it down below. While we were in Rajasthan, we got very comfy and settled in the fort where we were staying, but one afternoon we decided to crawl out of our beds to drive to Jodhpur as planned. Our first stop in the city was the famous Bhati Tea Stall (as you might know Masala Chai is intrinsic to the rhythm of my daily life!! 😀 ). Don’t judge me, it’s worth the first stop and I desperately wanted a good tea and samosa.

There is always a crowd swarming at this tiny stall and it’s easy to see why. We all loved it so much that we decided to skip Mehrangarh Fort and other monuments of Jodhpur and cherish the local life and street food. The narrow market lanes sound characteristic of India’s marketplaces – steaming pots of tea, sizzling oil for frying local snacks, the calls of street-food vendors, the cacophony of customers, chai, samosa, kachori, sweets and oh my God the mouth watering “Gajar Halwa. The city had its own energy – a rhythm that made things work in that network of lanes.


While we were on this expedition to try out the best of all street food that there is, I was also simultaneously looking for the Indigo Houses that are characteristic to this city. Now there are a lot of stories behind why some houses are painted in this unique Indigo colour, but all I can tell you for sure is that they are hard to find and that they form the perfect backdrop for photographs. Rajasthani women love colour – eye-catching yellows, oranges, and pinks are the norm here.The tinkling anklets worn on bright, colourful clothes by them add just that amazing sparkle to their looks.So I also decided to play along and picked the brightest Palazzo and tunic I own & paired it up with the mellow yellow..

And with that I closed off Jodhpur with a mental note to go back again and visit the beautiful, royal architectures that leave people spellbound. See you in the next one guys.

My Maiden Trip to Rajasthan


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