The Poetic Wreckage of a Creative Soul.

I wish to have another night.
Hoping all will turn out right.
I wish to have you by my side.
One more night to hug me tight.
I wish to rest on your shoulder again,
Listening to the plans you made;
And wait for you to cuddle in my arms.
I wish to wake up by your side.
My mornings aren’t the same,
Without the twinkle of your eyes.
I wish for another hug that engulfs me.
The one that makes me feels complete.
I wish you smile at me again.
And I fall in love again.
If no more, I wish for a sign.
I wish it says, “I’ll remember you always.”


Phew, I did it 😀 . I wrote something poetic after ages. Why? Well, I guess a gripping, soulful read does that to you. Evokes the emotions, you lost with time and takes you on paths of hope and light. I was reading this beautiful book (again) last night, “Flotsam of the Mind by Malini”, the aftereffects of which are now in front of you. For all creative souls out there and otherwise too, this book is a very relatable read. And I say relatable not only because the poems feel like they are talking about some part, some emotion, some feelings of your life. But also because these poems would relate you to the poet, telling some story from the life of Malini and making you a part of it in some way. Her poems scream, shout of out loud, make you smile and some peacefully, slowly and carefully let you in on a piece of her mind. She has poured her heart out so very honestly and with so much innocence in each of her poem that you are bound to fall in love.


It is difficult to write a book, especially when it reveals your deep, dark feelings and emotions but when I asked Malini the same, she candidly responded, “Writing this book has been a journey of self-exploration. A journey that started from a very interesting turn of events and ended in this beautiful book.  She started writing the poems as a means to get out of depression. Moving to a new city with new people all around, having all the time in the world but nothing to make out of it pushed her down the hole of depression. The frustration, the anger, the felling of knowing that something is wrong but the helplessness of not knowing what to do.

She went through it all and thats when she decided to turn back to writing, traveling and painting after consulting her psychiatrist. Going through depression is one thing, but acknowledging it, accepting it and being able to talk about it, is a whole another game. She says, “Depression is a disease that needs to be cured, by talking about it and taking help if need be. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are depressed.” She used her ‘depression period’ to bounce back in life with poetry and painting and I must tell you she did it beautifully. Through her poems, she has also tried to make topics like Feminism, Domestic Abuse & Sex more open. “Being civil & human and Believing in everyone’s rights” is Malini’s idea of Feminism.




She is also a very creative painter and loves to dance to the tunes of her brush from time to time. There is no style or thought process behind her paintings, but there is an idea that slowly takes shape through the random, colourful strokes of her brush on the canvas and expresses a lot without even her realising it. She has painted some beautiful women portraits, including the cover of her book “Flotsam of the Mind”. And these days she is debating over which painting would make the cover of her next book.  When I asked her “What’s your favourite poem/poems from the book?” , she mentioned “One (dedicated to her husband)”, “Tight Lipped”, “Courtesies of the Past” and “Acrostic”.


A woman of substance, strongly opinionated, passionate lover, hopeful dreamer. She does what her heart says and I hope she and her book inspire many more to follow their dreams, be strong and walk on some new roads. I am very inspired by the fighter that she is and also very moved by many poems from the book like “Courtesies of the past”, “Transient Moments”, “Truth”. I hope I meet many more strong, inspiring women like her and I can keep going on and on, indefinitely, about this wonderful lady and her amazing work but I will now close off by quoting a few lines from another favourite poem of mine “Sometimes”, so here it goes…

“Forgiving is hard, so is hate.
Sometimes time, is worth the wait.
Breathing, has meaning, beyond existence.
It keeps me alive, despite, my resistance.”

Happy Women’s Day



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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