7 Spring Trends to Shop Right Away!!

Hello Pretty Ladies, I am back again with another Trend Report. Spring is here for many of you( for those of you in Hyderabad like me, its peak Summer 😦 😦 ). Anyways, I wanted to bring in another Trend Blog, now although this is titled Spring, I believe many of these trends will pass down to Summers as well. So if you are planning to add some new pieces to your wardrobe anytime soon, take a look at these 7 Trends and make your pick.

Ruffle Truffle: Ruffles have made their way to the heart of many of us last year and they are here to stay this year as well. Add on top some fringes or voluminous bell sleeves and you are right on mark.


Flower Mania: Although Flower prints have never been my favourites, but they are here to make a statement yet again. Bold, vibrant, splashy, vacations prints add that instant tropical, springy vibe to the look.


Athleisure: Talking about comfort and being yourself, this one is a trend I really really appreciate. Its a total no-brainer and the happiness of officially wearing your PJs out and about in the city without worrying about anything.


Walk the Stripes: Who doesn’t love a good Stripe top? But this season stripes are going to break all the boundaries and move to all sorts of dresses and accessories to woo you away. So be prepared!!


Colour Bombs: From Lemon to Fluorescent, Cherry to Candy Pink, Turquoise to Khaki, it’s trendy and yes you can sport all of these coloured pieces and rock like a fashionista. Enjoy the colours of the season.


Neon: Another trend, that took a lot of time to sink in with me and I still think twice before experimenting with it in anyway. But the trend has received a lot of love in many Fashion Weeks and so will keep stocking up in your nearby stores this season.


Shirts Revival: This is one of my favourites, I just love how the boring white button-down shirts are now turning heads in ways I never imagined. make them off-shoulder or wear them inside-out, wear it in any way that doesn’t play by the boring traditional rules and you are high on fashion girl!


See you Soon.
Soul Strokes…


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

5 thoughts on “7 Spring Trends to Shop Right Away!!

  1. hola, visto tus comentarios inigoaguirre , me has hecho un favor muy grande… mira la verdad es que llevo un buen tiempo buscando el galangal (jengibre tailandés fresco) y no habia manera de como encontrrar en españa. hasta ahora siempre he necesitado realizarlo por el pais vecino Francia. has comentado que está en la calle bergara… de barcelona. Verás… soy de alicante, no sé si podrias facilitarme su numero de te#02ono&l8f3e; o concretarme la dirección de la tienda…. me harias un gran favor…y en hora buena por su blog!!!!saludos


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