#VLCCStyleStatements : Product Reviews

All I knew or I thought I knew about VLCC before attending their event one day was that VLCC is a very well known health and wellness brand. Little did I knew that they have mastered the Beauty line as well. I was really excited to attend the event VLCC hosted in Hyderabad where they talked about all their services and more importantly the experts answered all our health, wellness and beauty queries. I am sure all of us have come across VLCC, but I am going to tell you some of the cooler and lesser known beauty services provided by the brand and also will share the reviews of the products that we received at the event.

VLCC has made its mark in the Weight Loss, Dermatology, Laser and Hair Services and there is a lot to talk about all of that but since many of you requested for more deets on the Beauty Services, I am going to share the treatment and products that I like so far.

  1. Medavita Hair Treatment: Sun, Pollution, Chemicals and the Stress of our fast paced lives take a toll on our skin and hair is no exception to that. I am lucky enough to be blessed by good hair from my mom. But all that crap does takes a toll and keeping my hair happy and healthy is all I care about these days. Medavita treatment is just the perfect solution. This luxurious Italian hair and Scalp treatment is the expert for scalp health and hair beauty. I am soon going to go for it again and might as well share the details of it next time with you guys.VLCC-Medavita-Hair-Spa-Products-1-1
  2. Skin Nourishing SunScreen Lotion: The sun is getting harsher by the year and it damages our skin in ways we can’t even comprehend. VLCC Team acknowledges that fact and swears by wearing sunscreen all day long to protect your skin from the damage and keep it healthy and glowing. The sunscreen has a SPF 40, PA+++ and feels good and smooth on the skin as it is sweat free. So especially for people with oily skin like mine (who tend to avoid sunscreen as it makes the skin look even more oily and slimy ) or otherwise, this one is a must try.DSC_0013
  3. Slimmer’s Green Tea:  Now this one I was actually surprised to see, we are going all out when we say that beauty is not about how you look but about how you feel inside out. I personally don’t like Green Tea( cause I am a typical Masala Chai girl with Pakodas on the side 😛 ), but I am really putting my head around this as its a mix of Cinnamon & Dry Ginger(stuff I like in my tea) and also cause it came recommended by 2 different expert beautician. ( A quick tip: add a spoon of honey, will make it all the more delicious.)DSC_0011
  4. Shape Up Skin Enhancing Oil: I am not big on trying oils on the skin cause I have oily skin, so I literally am very picky on my products. Now, this one made it very quick on my favourites list as one its quick absorbing, non-sticky oil with a nice floral fragrance that doesn’t resemble of oils. Two, the crazy bunch of ingredients ranging from Argan Oil, Raspberry Oil, Green Tea Oil to Vitamin A, E and a loads more and last but not the least it treats 10 signs of Ageing (not 1, not 5… 10), I mean how amazing is that. Now the bottle says that its Daily Skin Regimen but I use it every other day or once in three when my skin is feeling dehydrated, uneven and dull and I can feel the result showing.DSC_0012

Have a happy week ahead guys, will see you soon with more fun posts!!



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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