BHANGARH: Spooky or just Earthly??

I have been wanting to visit Bhangarh since the first time I heard dreadful stories about it. Although they were scary but I was still very curious. Bhangarh Fort, located in Alwar district in Rajasthan, deemed as one of the Most Haunted Places in the world because of the numerous ghostly experiences and happenings in the fort premises. It’s haunted stories are bone chilling yet fascinating all at the same time. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has forbidden the locals and tourists from entering the fort at night.


We started from Sariska Tiger Reserve in the morning and reached the fort at around noon. I was hoping to see a deserted place that would make me freeze like we used to as kids while watching “Aahat”, maybe even the background score. But what I saw was just the opposite, tourist flocking the place, kids running around playing with each other, families on a picnic, loads and loads of monkeys jumping off the trees, squabbling without being bothered about numerous people around and a couple getting their pre wedding shoot done.



There are several legends about how this place became haunted. The first legend claims that a king named Madho Singh raised the Bhangarh fort after obtaining due permission from an ascetic named Bala Nath who lived there; having agreed to a condition which said that the shadow of the fort must never fall upon the home of the ascetic. But one of the successors of Madho Singh added to the fortifications vertically, thereby causing its ominous shadow to engulf the abode of the ascetic. Lo and Behold, once it came to pass, the fort was doomed within no time. The alleged prophecy stood fulfilled, and the Bhangarh Fort became haunted.

A second legend, more popular than the first one, claims that a local black magician fell in love with Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and once tried to bewitch a cosmetic she was supposed to use, to make her fall in love with him. The princess smelled suspicion and poured the bewitched cosmetic over a massive stone boulder, which then supposedly crushed the ‘tantrik’ to death. Before the magician breathed his last, he placed a curse upon the entire landscape that no soul would ever be able to live in peace there. The very next year there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh and Ratnavati died.
Local folks would have you believe that no one dares to build a house with a roof in the vicinity of the fort. The roof collapses shortly after being built.

The premises has more than half a dozen temples. It left me wondering how ghosts stay in a premise where there are so many temples! But other than all the ghostly background deets, the fort is situated at the edge of a lusciously green expanse of Sariska Tiger Reserve adding wonderful natural beauty to the place that has amazing architecture work. And yes, the colours of Rajasthan were here as well. I enjoyed my short and sweet stay at the place and am happy that I have finally ticked it off from my bucket list.

Until next time Rajasthan…

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