May Favourites: Skincare, Music & Movies

Hello Everyone, I know its too late for a monthly favourites, we have crossed half of June but I had to write this one out cause I literally have a lot of stuff to share. And it’s kind of a cheat as this might have some early June favourites as well ūüėõ . The last Favourites I did was February when I travelled a lot and tried multiple new products that I loved, I will leave that link down below in case you missed it out. And now bringing on the favourites of the season and starting off with Skincare & Beauty as usual.

[TONYMOLY] I’m Real Mask Sheet

A friend of mine who knows my love for face masks and sheet masks, sent me this wonderful pack of 11 sheet masks, which deals with different problems of the skin. I have used quite a few of these now and I loved them all. Especial mentions to the Seaweed(Clarifying), RedWine(Pore Care) and Tomato(Glowing),  but even otherwise this is such a nice pampering Sunday add on. Relax, have your drink by the side and just enjoy the goodness of the serums in these sheet masks do their magic on your skin.


O3+ Pedilogix Pedicure Kit

Ok, so this one I came across when I got a Manicure done at home from UrbanClap. UrbanClap’s service was as prompt and amazing as always but more than that I fell in love with O3+ . The products were just super luxurious. I am gonna be trying more of their products but everyone of you, this manicure has to be done at least once.

18094824_1329791437104365_1942235965607116800_n (1)


VLCC ShapeUp Skin Enhance Oil

If I am not wrong this is the first Body Oil that I have tried and it has made it very quick on my favourites list for multiple reasons which I mentioned in my previous VLCC Blog, I will leave the link here if you wanna read about it in more detail.

#VLCCStyleStatements: Product Reviews


Roots & Herbs Nutritive Argan Facial Cleanser

Roots & Herbs products are based on finest traditional Ayurvedic recipes. They first started with few face masks and later ventured into a whole range of skincare products. I recently started using this¬†Roots & Herbs Facial Cleanser and already in love with it. It’s an oil based facial cleanser, so I don’t use it regularly but OMG there is nothing like it when it comes to removing makeup. Just 3-4 drops of it and all your makeup will literally melt off of your skin without any hassles.¬†We all know that olive oil is best for dry skin. Olive oil is a natural humectant that attracts moisture to dry skin. Also it is loaded with antioxidants, such as vitamin E, K and other wonderful ingredients that has anti aging benefits. So yeah this product has made onto my skincare routine now.


Roots & Herbs Panchmeva Skin Polishing Body Scrub

The body scrub has goodness of natural ingredients like Anjeer powder, Almond powder, Draksh, Aswagandha, walnut, Rose, Jaiphal, Pomegranate extract, aloe vera extract, neem extract etc. It also contains cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed grapefruit oil, cold pressed carrot seed oil which help in cell regeneration. The powerful blend of herbs, dried nuts and fruits is rich in anti-oxidants to prevent skin damage and premature aging. The jar is the perfect size to even carry on your travels. The scrub has mild medicated, herbal fragrance which I am totally fine with and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft.



Alright so there are a whole bunch of tracks that have been playing repeatedly on my phone and I will share the YouTube links down below. They are all peppy, workout, lift you up kinda tracks so I am hoping you will like them too. In love with Vidya Vox and he style of songs so do not miss her.

Shape Of You
Let Me Love You
Khair Mangdi – Vidya Vox

Movies & Season

Hidden Figures, story of 3 amazing, strong, intelligent and intellectual women who pave their way in NASA all by themselves fighting against all odds. Its a hell of a inspiring story to watch coupled along with an outstanding performance by the cast.

The Ghazi Attack is an Indian warfilm, that has amazing powerpacked performance by the cast. Indian Navy claims to have sunk the PNS Ghazi on December 4, 1971 at the Vishakhapatnam harbour when then Captain Inder Singh of INS Rajput ordered the attack upon it. However the Pakistani Navy dispute the claim; as Pakistan Navy believes the Submarine must have sunk due to it mistakenly entering its own minefield and collided with one of the mines, which resulted in the explosion. 

And now finally for the season that I have been binge watching ever since I got my Amazon Prime membership. 8 seasons of approx 20 episodes each and I have managed to finish it all off in a month’s span, but now that it’s over there’s a huge void in my life that I can’t seem to fill. Vampire Diaries ladies and gentleman, what a series! Maybe it’s just my love for the Vampire Genre of things or it’s most probably it’s the killer charm of Ian Somerhalder, but whatever Loved the series. And on the note of Ian guys, I will close this blog off and see you soon in the next one.




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Strokes from my Soul: All things that help me live a life I can be proud of, one little step at a time. Hopefully you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday.

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