Simplifying Life with Haute Tyffyn!!

It’s the little things that we don’t even notice in our life, that if managed well can make a lot of difference in our lifestyle and productivity. When the random hassles of everyday life are cut short, thats when your mind become more free and energised to focus on the right things. And so I am here, talking about this product that I believe every working professional should try Vaya Tyffyn . 

I know some of you might be wondering at the thought, well these small things that our part of everyday routine and embedded in a way in our subconscious seem very easygoing and smooth and hassle free cause of the habits we have developed overtime. It’s not until we change these little things and try new stuff, that we get amazed by the comfort received and time saved. 


The standard Indian Tyffyn’s were these stackable, cylindrical containers that packed home-cooked food like curries, dhal, rice and rotis. For decades now, the bulky Indian Tiffin boxes have remained more or less the same, with barely any improvisations in functionality and design. Then came Tupperware box sets, that I personally feel aren’t meant for Indian food (hate the Haldi stains on those containers and loosing the lids or containers, plus the style isn’t even sleek or comfy to carry). With India’s growing weight in the world scene, Vaya has come up with an innovation in the way Indian’s pack and carry their food.

Love the way this box is designed and the fact that it’s easy to carry on it’s own with the handle on top. Also, the beautiful BagMat to carry these boxes is an incredibly, smart and fashionable shoulder bag that works as a table mat and is pretty easy to clean as well. The stainless steel body and containers are designed on an innovative technology that preserve the aroma and temperature of the food and most importantly is leak resistant (no more stains). And it comes in beautiful designs and prints that you would want to carry around (Loved how effortlessly Aria Krishnamurti styled it) . I have now been using it for about 3 weeks now and am absolutely in love with this. And I hope you enjoy it too!!


DSC_0014-2CSC_0022-2DSC_0021-2DSC_0005 (1)-2DSC_0019-2


Soul Strokes…
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In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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