A Climb up the Golconda Fort!!

Hyderabad has many such gems that draw tourists by the thousands every year. One such place housed the famous Koh-i-noor and Hope Diamonds at a time and is still standing strong and basking in the glory of numerous stories, intricate designs and amazing architecture; Golconda Fort. I have been to the place multiple times but never climbed up the fort. When a friend of mine from Bangalore visited recently, I finally decided to do it as she was really keen on it.

DSC_0016-3 (1)

DSC_0005-2 (1)DSC_0050 (1)

We hired one of Telangana Tourism Guide at the entrance, to hear all the interesting, mesmerizing stories from history. Entering the citadel premises, the first sight that will greet you is the number of visitors clapping underneath the dome, trying to simulate the warning system that the fort used. The warning clap under the dome could alert the troops atop the fortress, such is the marvel of the design and acoustics.

DSC_0070 (1)DSC_0087 (1)

Moving ahead I was amazed by the soldiers Barracks. They sure do look grim, standing strong through centuries but my eyes and ofcourse the camera loved this place a lot.

DSC_0029-2 (1)DSC_0034-3 (1)

The whole climb offered amazing, picturesque view of not only the fort but also the city surrounding it. And lucky for us the weather was beautiful too! On the top of the fort is the Baradari Place. This is two storied building with open terrace on the top, where Kings used to enjoy the surrounding view of the countryside.

DSC_0106 (1)

DSC_0068-2 (1)

We then got back down in time to visit the the Light and Sound Show, which was just amazing about 4 years back when I saw it. So, I was really excited for my friend to witness the same but alas I was a tad bit too disappointed with it this time and left the show in the middle. Overall it was a nice visit, make sure you pick the day carefully as the heat can destroy an otherwise amazing experience.

DSC_0170 (1)

See you soon guys..


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