The Silent, Misty Hill Station of Idduki

When we planned our Kerala trip, we first looked for the obvious tourist destinations like Kochi & Munnar to see what we have been watching on everybody’s Instagram & Facebook posts. But then came a point when all these touristy destinations changed to places less explored and places that will comfort us with a cool retreat from the heat of Hyderabad.

Kuttikkanam is a beautiful village in Idukki district of Kerala. The beautiful route from Kochi to Kuttikkanam is blessed with amazing views of hills, mountains, and valleys.


Our first stop from Kochi Airport to Kuttikkanam was the Birthplace of Sri Adi Shankara. As per our Driver and TripAdvisor, it is a famous tourist destination of religious importance. But my concern as soon as we stopped there was the fact that I was wearing shorts and it might offend some people around. Luckily, we found a quick remedy; used a stole as a wrap-around skirt and on that note began an interesting trip 😉 .


The next stop was for breakfast at a local restaurant (again on the recommendation of our driver), where we saw the buckets full Sambhar and amazing steamed dosas. We did stop on the way at various locations to please our senses with the mesmerizing views and fresh air. 


Exif_JPEG_420IMG-20170428-WA0028 (1)

There are plenty of resorts and homestays at this place, we choose to settle down for three days in a beautiful property by Wisteria. As they have rightly said on their website, it was a blissful holiday experience. I could have easily stayed for all three days in the same place without moving out of the beautiful villas.

IMG-20170428-WA0075 (1)

IMG-20170428-WA0072 (1)


Kuttiknanam unlike the more famous hill stations of Idukki is not a frequented tourist location. It is this fact that makes the region idyllic and attractive. After we settled down and grabbed our choice of poison to revamp ourselves from the 4 hours of drive, we decided to take a walk around which continued for a good 5 hours or so. We explored a route that was lush green, totally quiet and oh so calming and serene and we continued doing that for all the three days thereafter.

IMG-20170428-WA0059 (1)IMG-20170428-WA0064 (1)IMG-20170428-WA0043 (1)

All in all, it was an amazing destination to stay, unwind, relax, rejuvenate and be charged up for life to happen again in its usual fast and furious mode! 😉 

Will soon share the next 2 locations of this beautiful trip with you all!



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