Jan & Feb Favourites!!

And March is here… I have no idea how the months passed by so quick. Everyone was just talking about New Year Resolutions, How good was 2017 and What habits to make or break in 2018 and suddenly it’s Holi! With a terrible work schedule and fluctuating health, I haven’t even been able to blog much during the past 2 months (which was one of my goals this year 😦 ). Well, let’s see if I can catch up on that from this month onward.

There wasn’t much to share on Favorites front in January and so I decided to club Jan & Feb Faves together. Let’s first start off with some healthy food options that I have been trying out this year. Changing food habits and lifestyle doesn’t come easily to anyone. That too for someone like me who has never ever bothered about eating healthy or exercising to stay fit. But I realized that I should start investing in my health if I want to continue reaping the benefits of a healthy body and mind. And so I am doing some little changes in my lifestyle/ food habits that might help you too.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The first and the easiest is adding this bad boy to your daily routine. There are several benefits to consuming Apple Cider Vinegar, it lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, enhances weight loss, enhances skin health, reduces BP and symptoms of Acid Reflux. Just two tablespoons of it in a cup of water every morning and you are one step closer to a healthy body. The taste isn’t easy to get used to, but have it regularly for four-five days and the sourness will wash off.

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Green Tea: I am a sucker for normal Indian Masala Chai, so much so that my day couldn’t start without it and neither could it end without one. But I am slowly migrating towards Green Tea cause as much as a cup of Masala Chai is tempting, too much of it is harmful. I had to try out a few different brands and flavors of Green Tea before I landed on something that tasted good. One of them is Moroccan Mint by Tea Culture of the World and another one is Twinings Pure Peppermint. I think the Primary reason I love both of these is the aroma of Mint (that I really like 😀 ). I sometimes even make Honey, Lemon & Ginger Tea at Home and it works just fine. I think if you are new to Green Tea like me, all you need to do is find the right combination of flavor and aroma and the transition would be pretty smooth.

Morning Cup of Tea

Green Tea

Tea Culture Of The World

Nourish Organics Seed Mix: This I landed on while browsing through one of the aisles at a Grocery Store. I had read a lot about the benefit of Seeds like Sesame and Flax by then and so when I saw an all in one combo, I thought to try it out and I have already got the second bottle. Omega seed mix is made with a combination of 6 essential seeds, nuts and grains which are a rich source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It has sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, peanuts, sesame seeds and flax seeds and everything is organic. All I do is toss it on top of my salads or sandwiches or eggs and voila something good is ready to go in the tummy.

Nourish Organics Seed Mix

Scrambled Eggs

Unsalted White Butter: This one is again a find from the local Grocery Store. I picked it up for two reasons:
1. I don’t like Amul Butter. I know some of you might be offended by that statement but I just don’t and I have loved white butter since my childhood.
2. An attempt to reduce my salt intake.

There are several side effects of too much Salt Intake, one of them being high Blood Pressure. And we don’t even realize how much of it unintentionally goes in our bodies while consuming food outdoors and packaged food. So when I saw an option of eating the butter I like and reducing my salt intake, I grabbed it happily 🙂 .

White Butter

Roasty Tasty Jowar Flakes Mixture: Another find from the Grocery Store and the final one on the Food List. A perfectly healthy snack to binge on while working in the office or watching a movie at home. It’s made from completely dry roasted whole grains, hence a plus on health. You can find many variations of these on Amazon as well like this Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Jowar Mixture. I would definitely put a disclaimer that its an acquired taste, you might not like it at first go and might also feel too dry, so accompany with your favorite drink for starters.

Jowar Flakes Mixture

Fragrances: Moving onto some fragrances for home. I love trying out new and different scents, perfumes, body sprays as well as home air fresheners and my current favorites are the aer spray fresh and the aer pocket morning. Both have this lovely fresh, wet grass, rain in the forest kind of scent that I just love and the scent lingers long enough. These are a refreshing change from classic lemony, lavender kind of fragrances.

aer spray fresh

aer pocket morning

Rustic Sandalwood Jar Candle: There are days when I feel I need extreme pampering/ relaxation after a long day at work and a Candle is a very easy way to add that extra luxury, calming, pampering, soothing effect to your environment. My recent fav is this Rustic Sandalwood Jar Candle that I bought from Amazon. Nothing too fancy about it but the fragrance is decently strong and the candle is long lasting.

Rustic Sandalwood Jar Candle

Paudhe Se Yaari: And last on the list are these two cute plants from a store called Paudhe Se Yaari in Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills. The store is super pretty with plants and pots in several different variations, you can go for indoor or outdoor depending on your preference. I was looking for something to put on my office desk and bedside tables, so I decided to go with these cute lil options. I feel plants add a great positive energy around the house/ office spaces, so when I saw this store while going to a restaurant one day I made a quick stop and got these. The first one was in this bright green color with polka dots but it got a bit rusted after a while so I repainted it to grey with the face idea from Pinterest and it looks as quirky as before. Slowly adding to my cute little collection of plants.


Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants


So that’s it for the Favourites Guys, I hope the Food options are useful to you if you are also slowly trying to add healthy food habits into your lifestyle. Let me know if you have any tips for me on the same and I will see you in the next one.




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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