Thekkady: Greener than Green

I have been chronicling my trip to Kerala on this blog and this one is the final chapter of the book. I started off with the marvelous Tea Estates all around, followed by a Photoblog from the colorful streets of Fort Kochi. Then came the beautiful staycation at Idduki with Vagamon in toe.

For all the Tea Lovers: Kerala

Double Denim in Fort Kochi…

The Silent, Misty Hill Station of Idduki

Valleys, Meadows and Pine Forests…

And now reminiscing the final destination, Thekkady. There isn’t much that I am going to say about this place and that’s not because it wasn’t beautiful. It was as adorable as any other corner of this beautiful state. The reason is that I was here only for a day which just doesn’t do justice to this place. We went to one of the many spice gardens followed by a visit to Mudra Cultural Centre to see the famous Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances. Spent about an hour with the mighty Elephants (sad that they were chained up though 😦 )and followed it with a lazy spa day. But the fact is, I am even more excited to go back to this place for some Nature Walks through Periyar National Park (the country’s largest Tiger Reserve) and of course some Bamboo Rafting. You can’t tick off Thekkady from your list till you have done all of this and so with the hopes that I am gonna be there soon enough, here are some shots of this amazing place with some amazing experiences. Have fun.

ThekkadyThekkadyElephant eatingElephant ThekkadyElephant and Mahavat


Elephant bathing




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