Updates from a Netflix Addict!!

1st Feb 2018, the day I decided to take Netflix membership!! 🙂 😦

I am a big movie fanatic! Any new movies or documentaries or YouTube Vlogs that I like at first glimpse are a must watch for me (no matter the reviews!). One fine day, it struck me that my Prime Membership was about to expire and I had seen almost everything there by then, so I decided to try out Netflix (worst decision of the Year so far! ).

I knew I have become an addict or on the lines of it when one fine day last week I saw my activity history on Netflix to check the name of a movie. I realized then that within 2.5 months of my Subscription I had watched 22 Seasons of different Shows, 50 Hollywood and 26 Bollywood Flicks. Obviously, there are movies in there that I have already seen but still watched again. So in my head, I am officially an addict cause m spending time on Netflix when I know that I could have read a book or gone for a walk or worked on my blog or anything but Netflix.

With all those thoughts running around in my head, I decided to quit my membership today and get some sane, simple months and write this blog on movies/ series that are genuinely good and a must watch if you are on Netflix after all something good should come out of all that time spent online. Before I get to it, I also did a lil research to check if I am actually an addict and found this fun Buzzfeed Quiz 😛 that said, “You’ve got your Netflix habit under control, for now. Be careful though: It’s easy to one day wake up with an insatiable hunger for an online library full of your favorite shows.” With that said, let’s jump onto some good stuff now.

(The list has one Amazon Original Series too that I absolutely Loved… )

House of Cards The Crown  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Gossip Girl

Mary KomSecret SuperstarDangalGuruDrishyam

The InternMillion Dollar ArmA Walk to RememberMoneyballRudyInto the WoodsBenjiThe Age of AdalineHachi A dog's TaleThe HolidayThe other Boleyn Girl

See you soon


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