March Favourites…

So we are halfway through the month and I am late for favorites as always, (at least something is consistent 😛 ) but better late than never right! Before we begin the blog here is a quick update; I have been enjoying the weather a lot lately, it rained a few times this Month and luckily almost all those times I was at home sitting idle and just enjoying the rain showers with my cup of tea. In the process, I also got the chance to enjoy a few new beauty products. So let’s jump right into it.

All Good Scents Arise Combo: I have been smitten with All Good Scents since the time I first tried their Love & Joy Perfume. So when I was looking for some gift options for a friend, I landed on their website without any thoughts and I was impressed with what I got. I got this combo (from Smytten if I remember correctly) of Arise Perfume and After Shave both of which smell amazing. If you are on the lookout for a new scent, I would say definitely try All Good Scents once!

All Good Scents

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask: I am not sure how I got this, probably in a beauty box subscription. Loved the packaging, cute little bottle with a cork in a wooden box tied with a string. The mask itself is really potent. I love Green Tea products in general as it clears the skin and helps treat acne without being too harsh on the skin. This mask also did the same, cleaned up the skin making it look fresh and plump (although I would suggest people with sensitive skin shouldn’t try it as it can be a bit stripping on the skin while washing off).

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

The Natures Co. Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream: This one is another product that I right now have a love-hate relationship with. I am not a big fan of my products smelling like food, so that kind of sets me off also I feel it doesn’t absorb into the skin quite well. So for someone like me with an oily skin, this isn’t a very good product to put on during the day. But with all that said, its a great moisturizer for the skin. So I generally use it as part of my night time routine ( to avoid smelling like a vanilla all through the day 😛 ) and I get up with the most perfectly glowing skin in the morning.

The Natures Co. Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream

Aerth Hydrating Gel Lavender: This is another brand that I tried out for the first time. The scent isn’t very overpowering and as it is not a cream but gel, it absorbs pretty well and quickly into the skin. Unlike the Natures’s Co. Face Cream this can definitely be applied during the day even if you have a combination or oily skin. Probably not the best of the Hydrating Gels out there but definitely worth a try if you are on the lookout.

Aerth Hydrating Gel Lavender

Victoria’s Secret PINK Let’s Glow Face Mask: As you might already know, I am a sucker for Sheet Masks. There is nothing like an at home Pampering Session with half an hour of lying down with a Sheet Mask on, probably reading a book or watching your favorite show and boom you have the most luxurious skin. Also, if you have an event to attend or a party to go to these are the perfect instant pick me up options for the skin.

Victoria's Secret Pink Let's Glow Face Mask

Kaama Ayurveda: Explored this brand for the first time last month and absolutely enjoyed every single product and sample I tried. You can read in detail about all these products in my previous blog.

Kama Ayurveda

Nani’s Hunger Box: I got this Lunch Box last month from Amazon. While searching for a box that is light-weight, easy to carry and at the same time has multiple compartments so I can carry all that I want to. I landed on this beautiful Green box and ordered it immediately. I like it even more after trying it out and have been using this ever since. I also tried Vaya Tiffin before and mentioned it in a blog. Loved it for the classy, sleek design and again multiple compartment structure but it turned out to be too bulky and irritating to carry everyday. So this one won some points there too.  

Nani's Hunger Box

Marks & Spencers Top: And finally, the fashion favorite. I got this top from M&S on my birthday last to last year, but it is now that I have finally started to wear it. Love the light fabric, chic print, spring-summery look of this. I guess I am going to order a lot more tops in prints like this (and looking at this pic made me realize that its officially time to hit the gym 😦 ).

Marks & Spencer

Well, that’s it from me for now. I will catch you soon with a Travel Blog on my Trip to Himachal last year that I haven’t had a chance to write about till date. And then there are a few Hauls and Fashion Blogs that I am planning to do. So stay tuned and have fun. 

See Ya


In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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