Love you Daddy…

They say the first love of every girl is her Father. Also, that a girl is always teeny tiny bit extra close to her Dad than mom. That no matter how many mistakes you do, your Dad will always always love you. Well, all so true! And Dad I love you too.

I have achieved a lot in life because of the wise advice and comfort this man has always given me. From the time he carried me on his shoulders to get me a “kismi-bar” from the local grocery store, to date when he gets me my favorite sweets everytime I go home, there’s nothing that I asked for and didn’t get. There have been a lot of things that I have learned from him over time, some cause he sat by my side and taught me and some cause I always observed him and learned.


The only two sports I know (Basketball and Badminton) I know them cause of him. I tagged along with him to his morning Yoga classes and learned Yoga by his side (those were the only 2 months of my life when I got up at 4:00 AM regularly). The Photography love that I have now is cause I grew up looking at the old Black and White picture collection he has from the days he was crazy about Photography.

He taught me cycling, followed me to school on the first day I went on cycle. Years later when I met with an accident on the highway, he took me to the doc and changed my bandages for a month (cause I was too scared of the doc). I remember how scared to the bone I was to drive my cycle again and once again after years, he followed me to my tuition to get that fear out of me. His exact words I still remember, “There will be many accidents in life, but my daughter won’t stop because of them cause I haven’t taught her to stop. I have taught her to ride”. And since then I have met with multiple accidents on my Activa, on Bikes, while driving Car and trust me some were pretty nasty but thanks to him I never was scared to drive again.


I learned things like hard work and perseverance, responsibility and humility. I learned to respect all around me. I learned about punctuality and cleanliness. No matter the troubles, I never saw a worry line on his face. And this learning is a never-ending process. There are things that he is still teaching me like saving money and filing my returns 🙂 and I am pretty sure that he will keep teaching me something new throughout my life. I’m truly, truly, blessed to have a father like him! Let me wind this up by quoting one of his favourite lines,

“Zindagi hai beta, chalti rahegi.
Khao, piyo, maze karo…”

Love you Daddy…



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Strokes from my Soul: All things that help me live a life I can be proud of, one little step at a time. Hopefully you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday.

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