Mid Year Life Reset

Hey Guys, I am back and currently in the process of doing some major changes in my life, breaking some habits, sorting my routines, general cleanup and reset. I thought to share this in a blog with you all as I personally find these steps very useful whenever I want to hit a Reset button. These are not strictly speaking mid-year reset steps, they can be used any time of the year for a simple reset.

Deep Clean your Space: When my room is dirty, I feel I get irritated easily and am not able to focus on the right things. So, my first step to the reset is cleaning my room and cupboards. Clean space always helps me focus on the important things and also gives me a sense of satisfaction. I get happy and energized to move onto the next tasks. I imagine a lot of you might feel the same and feel happier when your space is cleaner. If you have little extra time at hand, you can also add some knick-knacks around your home/ room to make it more comfy, cozy and lively. Playing music, podcast or an audiobook while cleaning, makes the process more entertaining.

Digital Declutter:  Messy digital space is as bad as messy physical space. Take a day to clean up your digital space. Go through your apps, clear out your folders, delete irrelevant emails, accounts, etc. I also clean up my Drives, Photo Folders,  get rid of any apps that I thought I would use but never got around to it. If nothing else, clean digital space helps you find the stuff that you are looking for easily and faster hence, saving a lot of time and frustration. Also, when my digital stuff is neat I feel more on top of things.

Brain Dump: Once the physical and digital spaces are sorted, up next is to clean your mind by a process I call Brain Dump. Sit with a Pen and Paper and start writing down everything that comes to your mind. Pending Tasks, future plans, ideas, feelings, meetings, travel plans, finance details just about everything you can think of till you can’t remember anything. This exercise should generally take from about half an hour to an hour depending on how much you are holding up in your head and trust me you will feel way more at peace and in control once you have done this. Once you have everything on paper, you can put stuff in its right place (instead of cluttering your brain with it).

Make routines/ lists: Depending on how big a planner/ routine person you are you can have all sorts of lists ranging from Daily Routine, Weekly Plan, Monthly Plan, Morning Routine, Night Routine, Packing List etc. etc. Refresh your routines regularly to make them work for you. For me, the morning routine is what I have been constantly struggling with and finally, I decided to make a planned routine to make sure I get to sleep on time, wake up fresh and on time, and utilize my time in the morning the best way possible.

Review your goals: Everyone of us has some or other goals planned. But to make sure you reach your goal on time and effectively you must revisit them regularly. See if your plans are still working in the right direction or need some tweaking. What you have to do additionally to get to your goals on time. This is a great exercise to do every month.

Remove unwanted people from your life: Nagging, negative people are all around, who make you unhappy, who put you down and demotivate you. The best thing to grow and enjoy life is to stay away from all these unwanted elements. Break ties with them as soon as possible cause till the time they keep surrounding you, you will be troubled and tensed and not able to focus on yourself.

Healthy Habits: As reviewing goals is a good monthly exercise to do so is reviewing your habits. What habits you want to change, what habits you want to keep to make sure you get the best out of everything. “The Power of Habit” is a book I am reading these days and it is so refereshing to see how Habits work and How to make new Habits easily.


Hope this helps you get your life back in order or inspire you to make a list of things specific to your lifestyle. Have a great year ahead!



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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