National Handloom Day

The National Handloom Day is being observed every year on 7 August since 2015 to honor the handloom weavers in the country and promote handlooms. A much-needed initiative I must say! The movement had aimed at reviving domestic products and production processes.

Despite industrialization and globalization, handloom weaving provides employment to more than 4.3 million weavers and allied workers. Handloom contributes nearly 15% of cloth production in the country, and India accounts for 95% of the world’s handwoven fabrics. Despite the steady fall in the number of people working in the handloom textile sector, this resilience of handwoven fabrics is a good anomaly.

If at first, it was government institutions that led India’s engagement with its textile heritage post-independence, it is now the booming fashion industry. Indian consumers have a strong connection with traditional silhouettes, embroideries, textiles and forms of dress, especially when it comes to big events such as weddings. The movement is now at a level where you see Handcrafted works on ramps aplenty.

Fashion Designer Paromita Banerjee
Fashion Designer Paromita Banerjee

handwovenHandwoven clothes

And it’s not just limited to fashion, brands like House of Ekam are offering handcrafted, quality and affordable home products as well. This couple from NewDelhi has experimented with a variety of crafts like Handblock print, screen print, aari embroidery, chikan embroidery, traditional Assam handloom with artisans in Rajasthan, Delhi and Assam. Their products are handcrafted using natural dyes, made on the highest quality of material like 100% cotton with >200 TC (thread count), cotton-linen, ghicha silk or jungle silk (a very pure form of silk majorly found in Assam). Their product collection from quilts and rugs to cushion covers imbibe the traditional taste of the artisans with a modern look.


I am listing down some more Website Options like House of Ekam that sell handwoven works from craftsmen throughout the country. Take a look and Splurge this Handloom Day on some authentic handwoven work. See you soon.

Dastkar Andhra
BARE necessities
Kashmir Box



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