Waking up on a Sunday morning at 8 AM somehow feels more satisfying than waking up on a weekday at 8 AM. Maybe its got something to do with the fact that I have got the whole day to myself, to do all that I want to do or to do nothing at all. No time limitations or boring meetings or stupid people aroundπŸ™Š. Anyhow, new day, new month, m up early, so is the new member at our home, little Whisky (our 43 days old Shih-tzu).

Everything is perfectly fine and then slowly I get out from the dreamy, sleepy world and enter reality. My mornings are a lot more interesting and fun these days, thanks to our puppy. I spend hours at a stretch playing with him, running around the house getting chased by him and getting my finger chewed by him πŸ˜› . The thought of breakfast doesn’t cross my mind till I literally start feeling hungry and even then first comes tea! Today luckily, I had some minutes of Yoga before our puppy started making rigorous attempts of climbing up on me πŸ™‚ .

Wonder what he is doing in a flower pot? He loves it in the balcony, or rather I am trying to make him fall in love with the balcony. He is an indoor puppy and generally stays in the bedroom so I try to give him as much as fresh air and sunlight from the balcony either early mornings or evenings. Occasionally he ends up enjoying like this πŸ˜€ and I end up enjoying these little moments.

Shihtzu Puppy

Sitting on the dining table and surfing through my Instagram account while having breakfast, I realized that its September already, just 4 months left for a new year and 3 months left for my birthday. August came and went and I couldn’t do half the things that I planned to, but anyways let us move on and plan afresh for the new beautiful month ahead.

Thinking of September I realized that I have just 2 weeks left at my current job and I have to start seriously thinking about what I am gonna do next! Is it gonna be another IT job or something like my current job or should I take some time off and work on myself and travel some or should I pursue freelancing options? The thoughts kept coming and going, trying to figure out the feasibility of each option until the flow was broken by a peppy song on the speaker. I am in love with this one, been listening to it on repeat.

Also, this one is a beautiful song.

So, by afternoon, lots of time spent with Whisky, done with breakfast and lunch, cleaned up the balcony a bit and my room too. Done the usual month starting payments, rent, maintenance etc. etc, talked to my mum, planned the evening out and cherry on top the beautiful, sudden, heavy rain that made me sit in the balcony again for some time with my novel and a hot cup of tea.Β I love rains a lot, it feels like a soul cleanser, mind soother and just so damn beautiful!!Β That’s when I thought of writing this blog, just putting out my casual Sunday stuff along with my random thoughts!

Shihtzu Puppy

So how is your Sunday going guys, let me know in the comments and have a fun and happy month ahead. Goodbye!



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