6 Things you must do before you Quit Job

Life is all about finding stability in the chaos and randomness hence, Jobs! You get money (to do whatever but not whenever you like šŸ˜› ), you get to focus your energies on work (which if you are lucky would be your passion too šŸ™‚ ), you get to socialize and meet interesting people (and man, after all, is a social animal). So when and if you plan to take a break from your work without having another gig lined up for yourself, there are certain things you should get in order and think about beforehand.

1. Get your Finances in order: I know it might not be the first priority for some but trust me when I say, “It should be!”. Money, as I said before, makes you stable, lets you have a lifestyle you like. Now once you plan to quit that steady flow of income is gonna break, so plan ahead. Plan if you have enough money for whatever you want to do when you are on break if you just want a break for 3-4 months you should have enough in your account for your survival. If that is sorted and out of mind, you will be actually able to focus your energies on the things you took a break for.

2. Get your Why sorted: Quitting a job seems to be a fun and interesting idea, you get to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do and if at all you want to do. You get to make all your choices on your own all through the day. But make sure you know why you are quitting the job, it shouldn’t be for no good reason or just on a whim. If you don’t have a solid, logical decision for quitting your job you will start regretting your decision soon and nobody likes it.

3. Set your Goal:Ā If your ultimate goal is looking for a new job or changing your niche of work or starting something of your own, start building up on your resume and skillset immediately. If it is a new technology you want to learn, figure out the right course to do and start it. If there is something you want to start of your own then get in touch with the right people, ask for their advice and swiftly start working in that direction. The early you do your homework and start on your next order of business the more motivated and energized you will be.

Goal Setting

4. Plan your days: When you have set your goal, timeframes and made a plan for yourself, its time to plan your days cause my friend you will need it. Once you quit the job, the monotony and discipline of work days break and you find yourself sitting at home playing around with your dog, enjoying Netflix and YouTube. It is very easy to deviate from your goal & plan. So make some sort of routine for yourself, whatever you feel comfortable with initially and slowly keep tweaking it as per your work and personal needs.

5. Get your hobbies back on track: With busy work schedules and lifestyle, we often lose touch with the things we love doing and so this is the perfect time to rekindle that lost flame. If you like painting get your art supplies out, if you like photography get that camera out and ready on the tripod, if you like reading get your books out and wipe the dust, start prepping to do what you love. Not only will it give you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction (no pun intended šŸ˜› ) but it will also keep your creative and happy juices flowing.

6. Be positive and confident:Ā This one actually goes for all days of the year, no matter you are quitting your job or not but especially when you are planning to quit. You will get so many questions from so many people, sometimes they will enlighten you and give you new ideas while other times they might bring you down and make you doubt your choices. So you need be confident about your decision and the choices you are making for yourself. Be positive, be happy and just don’t give a f**k about anyone. This is the time you should experiment with whatever you want to do, so go ahead and just do it!

Be Positive

Good Luck!




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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