My all-time favorite Fall Trend: Layering

What is a Trend?
A general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving.

As the definition of the word clearly says a trend is a change and so you see all the fashion, beauty and seasonal trends, forever changing. Every season we see multiple new styles and designs that come and go. Some are new and creative and pretty, while others can be way too much to handle in everyday lifestyle and an eyesore even on the ramp. And these preferences and likeability of a trend vary from person to person depending on your own styles and choices.

For instance, animal prints and glossy wear are all the rage this fall but I don’t think I will ever wear either of those trends. I just don’t understand the concept of animal print on body. I mean why would you put that on? Now that’s an opinion that many trendsetters, influencer, and models might not agree with cause fashionistas just love animal prints. 

If you follow Fashion Trends you will also see a lot of Statement Headwear, Tweed, Checks, Luxury Fringing, Leather, Hoods, and Cowboy-style doing the rounds. Well if there is one thing that’s my personal Fall essential every season(this ain’t a trend girls), it’s layering. I absolutely love wearing layers in Fall & Winter. It just accentuates the whole look in a snap! Now what you want to wear as a layer can also vary depending on your personal taste and trends. It can either be a Tweed or a Trench, or it can also be a classic Denim or Bomber jacket.

Here are some of my favorite layering pieces you can shop this season online. You can also make the layering game more intense by adding scarves of your choosing.

Layering / Fall Trends

Layering / Fall Trends

Layering / Fall Trends

Layering / Fall Trends
Fall Trends Layering
Fall Trends LayeringFall Trends Layering

Zara Trench Coat

Remember, fashion is a reflection of your mood, your personality, your voice, and your soul. So wear what you love and rock it as the confident, pretty fashionista you are!



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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