4 Things to Do Daily for a Better You

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What are those words doing up there you ask? Those my dear friends are my emotions. It is how I have been feeling in this past one week of quitting my job. “How”, you ask? Well, I can’t give you one answer but, I can definitely let you in on what I have been doing this past week to feel more and more in control, positive and happy! I feel all of us should incorporate these habits to be more centered and aware of ourselves and our goals and dreams.

Let me start by clarifying that my sleep cycle is still all over the place 🙈 and I am simultaneously working on that but it doesn’t bug me anymore cause the time I am up, is spent doing things or planning things that are important to me and that I really enjoy doing which leaves me completely tired yet thoroughly satisfied at the end of the day. Now let’s get going to the good part.

1. Personal Development Planning: I have never been a planner in my life. If you ask me even today I don’t have my week ahead planned. But what I was doing lately is planning my next at work, from things like what tasks I had to do, what tasks my team had to do, what meetings I had to attend etc. etc. But I missed a crucial part back then which came to light when I quit, personal planning. Quoting wiki, “Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.” Simplifying that, “It’s is doing what you want, the way you want to achieve what you want!“. So now instead of spending all the time on my work planning, I plan myself. What blogs should I write, which online courses should I take, what exercises should I experiment with, which books to read, you get the drill. We get so engrossed in our work that we often forget work is not life, work is a part of life and a very small one if I may add. 

Healthy Food Habits

2. Eating Healthy & Drinking H2O: I have always ignored my food, what I am eating when I am eating and if at all I am eating. Meeting Vs Food or Travel Vs Food or Deadline Vs Food or Team Time Vs Food, Food has always been secondary to everything which is ok occasionally and in emergencies but then it is not the way to go about every day. .. So I am trying to be very consistent and aware of what I eat and when I eat. I am spending a good 3-4 hours every day on my food (since I am cooking myself now), to see how I can make it tasty and healthy at the same time. Also, there should be minimum 8 glasses of water intake every day, one fruit every day, some nuts every day. Little things like this add up to make you healthy, wealthy and wise 😀 .


3. Feed the Mind & Soul: The word Self Care these days is inclining more towards pampering yourself and following a beauty regime, and taking the day off to relax but it essentially is much much more than that. When I say Self Care, it means things to take care of your mind and your soul. Feed them with creativity, energy, positive thoughts, happiness. How to do that? Well just follow your heart and spend some time every day doing things that you really enjoy doing, things that give you pleasure (no pun intended). Like read a book or experiment with photography or learn about gardening or experiment with painting or write a blog. Just do it! and mark my words that would be the best ever feed for your mind and body.

Gratitude Journal

4. Gratitude Journal: I have been trying to do this on and off for quite some time now and whenever I failed to do it, I used to give myself excuses that oh I was late for work or too tired from work or have some work (which ideally shouldn’t be the case). But now that there is no work, there are no more excuses. I have been religiously doing this every morning and night and let me tell you what it does for me. When I start the day with gratitude journal it gives me a sense of gratitude, happiness as well as clear, set tasks for the day to make it productive. Once I am done for the day and winding up, looking back at how my day went and filling the journal gives me clarity of thought, it makes me more aligned and focused for a better tomorrow and it also makes me grateful for the good thing that happened in my day. Sleeping happy and content is the key you see 😉 .

It is very easy to get caught up in the complexities of our lives. Remember,  you won’t be able to make the most out of your life if you don’t give yourself time to focus on yourself, pause, relax and unwind every now and then. Job or no job, I am going to give myself the love and priority I deserve forever and so should you. Good Luck!

XOXO!! SoulStrokes…


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6 thoughts on “4 Things to Do Daily for a Better You

  1. Nice blog!
    You actually write stuff while you experience it in the real life, that’s the interesting part about your blogs.
    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Usualky , I never read the full articles , blogs.
    But this actually is very motivating and inspiring.

    recently read some od your blogs. You are really doing great.

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