Happy, healthy and consistent 2019!

Happy New Year all my beautiful readers! Hope you all have a great, lovely, joyous and healthy year ahead. I am a bit late to the party and if you know me you would know why? 😛 But its still January and everyone around is still in the New Year, New Me zone so here I am catching up with you all on whats been going on and what I hope for 2019.

I have had crazy past few months. Traveling, relocating to a new city, new job, new people all around, new home (which is going to take a lot of time to feel like home), New Year of course and amidst all that the same old me! Yup same and yes old, turned 29 last November and feels like half my life is poof, gone with the wind! Now when I look back and think of my accomplishments, I feel a little sad to say that I just couldn’t list any. Well yes, I have progressed from good jobs to better and yes I have traveled whenever I could get the chance to and yes I have fallen in love and learned a lot through breakups, but all of it certainly doesn’t make me feel proud or accomplished.

My life has certainly put me through a lot and I have learned a lot from my experiences (good as well as bad). If I have to just put it in a few words I would say that “Life happened“, while I would have wanted it to say something on the lines of “I made my Life“. And although that’s bugging me right now a bit (well a lot, especially now that I am writing it out), I am all in for a fresh start. And like people say that fresh starts are easy to do around new months, new weeks, new years, new places, new jobs, well lucky me for it’s everything new around me right now. And if I don’t take advantage of all this new energy and make things happen for myself I would be the stupidest girl in the whole wide world.

So, when I was looking at all the beautiful New Year posts and vlogs and reading through some really interesting bucket lists and resolutions, I decided to have a mantra for 2019. Not something complicated, with a big list of things that eventually people tend to give up on but just a single motto to focus on and revolve around. And so, I came up with my 2019 Manifesto “Happy, Healthy and Consistent“. Let me quickly break it down for you so you can create your own versions for 2019.

Happy: I personally don’t like change and that is the reason why too much new around is more of a shock for me than pleasant surprise and hence I haven’t been very happy last few months. I crib about everything and I miss all things old and I am just not in a good state of mind which then impacts everything else that I do. So, I have decided that happiness is going to be my first and foremost priority this year. Anything I do, anything I buy, anything I don’t buy, anywhere I go, basically every decisions is going to be a Yes or No solely based on whether it makes me happy or not. Now I am yes person, so saying no things that I don’t like or that don’t make me happy has always been difficult but then that’s the drill right? Choosing my happiness over everything else.

Healthy: I have never, ever paid attention to my mental or physical well being. I don’t eat on time, I certainly don’t prioritize eating healthy, I don’t have a routine, my sleep schedule is all up in the air, I don’t do yoga or meditation or any form of mental exercise. That’s all about to change. I have started eating mindfully and on time, I am also getting into yoga slowly at home and then maybe will join a class soon. I am going to think about my health more often and just take care of myself to be happy and healthy in the longer run.

Consistent: Now to make sure that whatever I start to make the first two happen or whatever I plan for my blog or my work, I got to be consistent enough to see the results of it and then feel good and motivated to do more of it. Oftentimes it happens that we plan on doing certain things and then work towards it for some time and then just give up cause we don’t see any results. And I personally do that a lot. For instance, I think I will post on Insta everyday and then I vanish for weeks and my friends are all calling up asking me whats wrong. Consistency is very important and most often overlooked. So I decided to add this also in my 2019 Manifesto to remember whenever I get a bit offtrack.

So thats my motto, my mantra, my manifesto, my vibe to make this year way more happier, healthier, full of new accomplishments and loads of success. Cheers to a great year ahead and let me know if you make any such mantras or if you already have one, it would truly inspiring to read yours!



In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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