Bouncing Back…

Feeling low once in a while is OK, really! Even if we criticize ourselves about wasting our precious time at hand and not doing anything constructive and fruitful, trying to get back up but at the same time feeling guilty that we aren’t able to do anything about it, its all fine. Life can’t always be cuddly and warm and roses and sunshine. 🙂

The thing about feeling low is that there is a cause, always. Sometimes the reason pops right out when we seek it and sometimes its hidden under layers of self pity or hatred or jealousy. Most of the times we see the symptoms of feeling low as the cause itself and try to fix them to feel better. For instance say you feel a little under the weather and start coughing which lead you to treat the cough. You start drinking hot water, herbal tea, cough syrup but it doesn’t do any good and then when you diagnose further you realize the reason you were coughing all this while was some infection and you need to take medicine to treat that which in turn will cure the cough automatically. 😀

SoulStrokes Mumbai

Bouncing back isn’t difficult, it just is more time taking for some people in some situations than others. Eventually we all surface back up from our holes and caves and get back to doing whatever it is we are supposed to and join the race of life. To realize why you were in the cave in the first place and make sure that you don’t end up there again for the same reasons is what we mostly miss doing. We cry, we sleep, we eat buckets full of ice-cream and watch movies to make us feel good but we miss on the realization of why we are here in the first place (and that’s where trained experts and therapist come in the picture).

You might be surprised to hear this but you can actually make your time in the hole or the cave (whatever you like to call your low time) a lot more rewarding and guilt free by doing a few simple things. And you might even in the process realize why you are truly feeling low and make your bouncing back process easier and faster. If you read my post on 21 Things You Can Do When Feeling Low you know there is a host of things for you to try out if you want to bounce back and not all boring let me add.

The two things that I feel I always turn to when I am in my hole are writing and cleaning, both of which I find are really good to bounce back and at the same time introspect, let me tell you how.
Writing it out, like I did yesterday in my post “All over the place!“, helps me figure out the real reason I am hurting and getting frustrated. Now, I always don’t put it up in a post on the blog it is sometimes on paper in my diary, sometimes instead of just writing it out I take the frustration to think of things I wanna be and wanna do and wanna have, sometimes its retrospect writing to see how I have been doing and where I fell off the wagon. But in whatever form writing is, it always always works. It will not only clear your mind and make you think, it will also help you bounce back into your productive, happy self and will help you grow.

The second thing that always works is cleaning the space around. And when I say clean I mean physical cleaning, clean your home, put everything where it belongs, clean the piling up utensils in your kitchen sink, clean the counter tops, clean that chair that carries the weight of your unfolded clothes, clean the cupboards and organize your stuff nicely back in the place where it belongs, clean the bathrooms, clean those mirrors to see that beaming smile of yours. And by the time you have done all the cleaning you will be sweaty and tired which is great cause its exercise that releases hormones that make you feel good, you would be happy and proud to see the clean and beautiful home you live in and everything you have in it, and also you will be mentally happy and satisfied just by the virtue of being in a clean, happy space.

Your worries and troubles by the end of these exercises will either be off your mind if they were too irrelevant to begin with or your mind would have in the process thought of probable causes and solutions and you would be a few steps closer to your happy self. Cause in the end you are your best therapist after all! 😉

Stay happy and positive guys!




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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