One word, ten letters, dictionary meaning: a “relationship” between friends, sounds too simple right? No one has ever probably looked at the dictionary meaning of the word cause we all learn and understand what the word means by experience while growing up.

When I was a kid and we moved to a new place I asked my mom, “are my friends also coming in the truck with our stuff?”. She smiled at my stupid question and said, “you will get to make new ones!”. I was so damn confused at that statement, how do you make new friends, how do you know who wants to be friends with you, how do you know who you want to be friends with… She probably sensed my hesitation and confusion and responded, “just smile and introduce yourself to your classmates and you will be ok.” And oh it was that simple back then and was more than OK!
Luckily we didn’t move again & I got to stay with my friends till I moved to college and then history repeated itself.

Although it was pretty simple and easily done as a kid, growing up has its complications. After a point some of your friends get married and move on to new places, some get too busy with their lives to spare a few moments, some just gradually drift away with no hard feelings. People have told me that you are too old to make new friends so make do with what you have got, or some (parents and relatives) suggested getting married and starting a life of your own, as if right now I am living someone else’s life!

Getting back to friends, I have had a mixed bag of those in my life, many of whom have drifted away for various reasons over the course of time. But then there are some who respect me for who I am, who appreciate my presence in their lives however little it might be, who even when are talking after months it feels like it was yesterday that we last chatted, who don’t give up on me, who don’t judge, who without any expectations just are there, all in. And I hope I am all this & more in return to them.

Now once in a while I am also lucky enough to meet new people who instantly click, like my dear friend Sarreetaa. Such a gem at heart that you feel you are in a happy, positive space when you are around her, with laugh so very contagious and beautiful that you forget all your worries in an instant and pushes me to do more of what makes me happy. And you might be surprised to know that I even have made a few Instagram friends, who I haven’t met ever but who think so much like me. We agree on similar stuff, have similar goals and aspirations and its such a different and happy feeling, to connect with someone you haven’t even met.

I thought relationships were complicated, till I had another thing coming at me some friendships. Broken relations hurt for a while but broken friendships sometime sting forever. When I started writing this blog today, I googled friendship and landed on this article by Marie Claire explaining the 3 kinds of friendship; friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure and friendships of good. While the friendships of pleasure are always the easiest to forge; the friendships of good are the ones that I am interested in. However long it might take and however few friends I might have and however old I get, I will always and only be open to good, lifelong, happy, respectful friendships. Cause as far as I know, I have just got this one life. 🙂




In pursuit of a Happy, Healthy and Hearty Life. Hope you find some words of wisdom in here or just a friend who is striving to be better everyday!

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