Hey All, I am Shikha Chaudhary. Born and raised in the cold winters of Haldwani & Nainital only to find myself enjoying the Nawabi air & sun kissed aura of Hyderabad.  I started my career as a Software Engineer but my passion led to the creation of this blog where I create weekly lifestyle/beauty blogs with the occasional blathering tangent.

This website is a space for me to document my love for fashion, my inherent talent to try out new and random beauty products, create beautiful pictures and my zeal to explore new places and meet different people.  When it’s not all of the above, then its anything in between that may strike my fancy. I am a Tea Lover & YouTube fanatic AND I obsess over Accessories.

My idea behind this blog is to create a platform for young women all over to understand and be inspired by my personal style. Pushing the limits of creativity right from fashion and photography, to hair and make-up is what drives me to constantly curate original content right from my soul. Everything I do here roots from pure passion and inspiration and I hope every woman or girl out there finds a little bit of herself in me!




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